Often called “Teddy Bears,” the Ursa were the original protectors of children. They were given their sacred duty by Emperor Theodore Ciradius in 1100 AC, when he created the Order of the Bear with the explicit mission to protect children from the Dangers of the Night. They are stalwart defenders of all things good and right in the world, they believe that all lives matter except their own. They will stand in defiance of all thing evil and malicious to protect their child.

Name: Ursa

Appearance: Taller than average bear like humanoids.

Region(s) Found: Forests and mountains.

Type of Society: Free Folk.

Religion (if any): Destiny, Companionship, Mercy

Relation With Other Races: Friendly with most.

Unique Traits: Honey gives them greater strength. Can be healed with a crafting check as well as normal healing.


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