Saurians will primarily come from the Maser Highlands, though some have been seen living in other parts of Embyur. On the rare occasion you see one outside the highlands, they are most likely acting as emissaries, or pioneers.

Legend says that their capitol city of Toulan is actually a crashed spaceship that had come through a rift in time and space, created after the Orcs caused The Calamity. Merit is given to this legend, as they are the only ones able to craft energy weapons, and combat armor.

Appearance: Lizard-like.

Region(s) Found: Maser Highlands, though some say they came from another reality.

Type of Society: Collective, ruled by popular vote.

Religion (if any): None of this world.

Relation With Other Races: The Saurians are relatively new to the rest of the races. Most look upon them with fear or caution. They HATE Orcs and are jealous of Dwarves and their airship technology.

Unique Traits: They are the only ones able to create and maintain guns and combat armor, or any of the other advanced gear.


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