Halflings make their home in remote areas of Embyur, such as the Lyriss Wilds, or the Sorsetta Tropics. They tend to live normal, uneventful lives. When seen out in the world, they tend to stay in the background of social situations.

One of the most famous Halflings is the Dragon Tamer. Said to be the only mortal to ever tame a dragon, they are revered as a hero, though they have not been seen from in many years.

Appearance: Short humanoids.

Region(s) Found: Lyriss Wilds

Type of Society: Secluded from others, live off the land.

Religion (if any): Nature, Companionship, The Hearth

Relation With Other Races: Avoid other races as much as possible.

Unique Traits: Immune to poisons, and most diseases.


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