After being pushed from dry land after The Calamity, the elvish people became sea-faring folk. After being on the sea for so long, their skin is now slightly tinted blue. They make their livings as sea traders, and occasionally there are rogue bands of pirates.

They are lead by the Emerald Empress, and live in flotillas called the Emerald Armada.


Appearance: Tall, slender, skin tinted slightly greenish blue.

Region(s) Found: On the sea.

Type of Society: Merchants or pirates.

Religion (if any): Travel, Trade, Sea

Relation With Other Races: Positive with most races, especially Natat. Negative relationship with Timberfolk and Avians.

Unique Traits: Cannot die of old age, once reaching their prime they never look older than 50 in terms of human years.


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