After being banished from land by an ancient curse, or so they say, the dwarves took to the skies and now live in and mine the Floating Mountains. They use the floatstone they mine in order to keep their ships in the air.

The curse laid upon the dwarven people is said to turn them to stone if they ever set foot on Embyur. Though many dwarves ignore the curse and travel on land anyways, every once in a while someone will happen across a dwarf turned to stone.

Appearance: Shortish humanoids. Broad/stout.

Region(s) Found: Not on solid ground. Live on The Floating Mountains and their various airships.

Type of Society: Monarchy.

Religion (if any): Magic, Zephyr, The Heath

Relation With Other Races: Hatred of most land/sea based races.

Unique Traits: Are the only ones able to build/repair airships.


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