Chronicles of Alaria

Vampires & Demons
What the deuce?!

The party meets Ragnor in the Underline.

They decide to follow Ragnor into the Underline, to the ancient abandoned Dwarven city.

Awaiting a response from the guild to see what Ragnors translations say. Spoilers, it’s not good.

“This way to Bronzekiller Estate”, this is the place the party is going to seek lost treasure.

They arrive in the estate city, and Ragnor leads them to the central temple. They are attacked by an Ammit.

Every time Teradil activates Reaver Aura “Darude Sandstorm” starts playing in the background. Thanks, Bardtholomew.

Temple to Leoric- Ancient Dwarven God

Party meets Ragnors Master, Velac who has now become a vampire. Shit gets real and a mother fucking demon shows up to wreck Legitus. It’s Barthandelus, that ass potato!

The most epic fight of their lives? Yep.

Quests in Banished
Sophia sure is pretty...

The party has agreed to become part of the Guilds council along with the other 5 members, giving them a majority vote.

Teradil found Sophia, a young human lass who he admires.

Party found an adamantine dagger in the heart of a dying old man. It’s magic.


  • Gathering herbs for 5 GP each.
  • Dwarven treasure hoard deep in the Underline.
  • Two thugs are going to rob Crazy Nicodemus’ caravan being operated by Unhinged Ilene. Party follows the thugs, they get wrecked.

“Bardtholomew, The Tomorrow Bard” is the name of the bard that follows the party every once in a while.

Party decides to go with the quest to find the ancient Dwarven Treasure, finds “Ragnor” in the opening to the Underline.

Dragons & Gods
Secrets revealed...

Party returns to find Tomas in Banished. He seeks safe harbour for the failing resistance in Ladaris.

The party agrees to house them in Banished.

Tomas returns to Ladaris to gather the remainder of the resistance with Onlau.

The party finds Hunzu in his “tower” atop the waterfall. He tells them that the only way to release Feynrial from the sword is to have an ancient Dragon release him.

They travel to a cave near Banished that used to be the mines for the old town and find a portal.

Inside the portal is an infinite abyss of darkness filled with bright stars. Laying a ways away from the party is a giant dragon. 300 feet tall, at least.

As the party approaches the dragon reveals herself to he Ecldir, the God of Beginnings and Endings, and that all the “gods” of Alaria are actually the astral projections of the 13 sleeping Dragons of Alaria.

She brings Bren back to say goodbye to the party, then releases Feynrial and informs him of his friend Frims whereabouts. He decides to leave the guild in the hands of the heroes and moves on to another dimension in search of his old friend.

Ecldir informs the party that they will not be able to contact her again for a long time, but if they need help, there is one other sleeping dragon in Embyur that they can seek aid from.

The party leaves, and heads back to Banished, now in control of The Lute Flute Heroes.

Bren The Brave
No longer a bastard...

Scattered all over the table lie dishes made up of various body parts and limbs. Taking the last one Venta lifts the lid and launches the plate at Teradil. The plate skids to a stop halfway down the table, the dark elf head, on the other hand, continues to move and rolls directly into Teradil’s lap. Teradil, who was sneaking a few pages in by bringing the book down to the table, stops and stares into the eyes of the dark elf. The eyes can only stare back. Their gaze a warning of the future is nothing is done. Something oozes from the head and begins to stain the book in his lap. Finally springing into action Teradil throws the head and plate back. “You didn’t even cook it! This is raw!”

Venta blinks, or he would have if the Collective has gotten him eyelids. The closest he can come to it is to clink his visor. Clink Clink clink “Don’t you know it’s bad manners to insult the food?!” He extends his arms and reveals a sword and a whip in either hand. Then as though it was perfectly normal a third hand swung out holding a crossbow. The whip cuts across the table slashing at Teradil and knocking the plates askew. Venta’s crossbow turns and attempts to hit Legitus, but misses. Tobey jumps up and runs over towards Bren, pulling out her sword as she goes. Dagnal, without missing a beat, whips out the crossbow given to her by Hunzu. The bolt flys true but is unable to pierce the armor plating. Teradil carefully puts the book away in a calm manner, and then standing he places both hands beneath the table and lifts with all his might. The table being solid mahogany and decorated with steel and other heavy metals does not flip as Teradil intended. Instead, a priceless crystal goblet shakes and rolls off the table, shattering at Venta’s feet.

A few short moments pass as Venta looks from the shattered goblet to Teradil and back again to his feet. Suddenly the staff door slams open. An unholy abomination, with a face even a mother would flinch from, stands a morbidly obese humanoid. You could call it a man, for that is probably what it was once upon a time, but now it is a stinking, festering, mold and spore-covered thing that walks on two feet. This creature stands in the doorway, panting for air. Like a fat man running up some stairs, it has its hands on both knees doubled over gasping for air and panting out, “Which…one…of…you..insulted…my…food?!” Teradil stands there with his hand raised. The creature rears back his head and projectile vomits on Teradil, covering him in putrid slime and spores. There is a funk emanating from him that is going to take more than a bath to get off. Think skunk and death combined to have a bastard child that never had his diaper changed.

Bren uses this distraction to summon an arcane ice blast and aims it at the abomination from the kitchens. The new abomination, not the meal they tried to serve. The blast hits and ice crystals form around the head of the creature. Turning on the Dire-Orc’s blade, Tobey charges the vom-cannon and lashes out, making contact with the spongy creepily moist skin of her opponent. Venta makes quick work with his whip as it wraps itself around Bren’s neck. Barely able to get his fingers under the coils around his neck, Bren shouts for Kraus. The boyfriend comes barrelling into the room, looking for Bren through all the chaos. Venta slashes at Bren while he fires at Legitus. Because his focus is split the bolt merely grazes Legitus’ arm. It hurts but it will most likely just leave a cool scar to show off. That is if they make it out of here alive. There is nothing cool about a dead elf. Teradil whips out Wyrmslayer and wakes Feynrial. Looking for support in all the wrong places, Teradil is not given much more information than the creatures name and a warning not to get vomited on. The Chef as Teradil now knows he’s called, seems to be focused on Tobey and the flaming sword. So making a quick decision, he turns and stabs Venta

Dagnal stands on the chair and aims for the unprotected stomach of the Chef. She fires off a shot and like a deflating balloon, pus pours out of the gaping wound that the bolt leaves. The hot pus splashes to the ground and covers the stones around the Chef. Dagnal attempts to refire but the chair beneath her was made for fine dining, not battle conditions. It shatters and Dagnal falls. To be fair it isn’t far to fall, but it is enough to annoy the dwarven lady. Even more annoying is the blow Dagnal receives from the chef as the massive hand strikes her across the face. Still held fast by the whip, Bren digs into his robes and pulls out his morning star. Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty. He strikes at Venta and stares at wonder at his own skill as the morning start bounces off the armor and ricochets into the Chef’s head. The previously frozen crown of the Chef’s head shatters and the throbbing mass within his skull begins to drip down the nape of his neck.

Pus that has continued to pour from the Chef’s stomach sizzles against Tobey’s blade. Teradil makes eye contact and pointedly gazes from Tobey’s blade to the fire. It takes a second but it clicks. The Chef must be full of that pus and if Tobey can light it on fire, this fight might be over sooner rather than later. On the other hand, Tobey had been training to become a Guardian so she could offer better protection to Bren who was beginning to look a bit rough. This was one of those moments that would always define Tobey’s life. It is one thing to lick a forcefield for a laugh, but this choice to go for the attention-grabbing shot rather than let someone else go for it would have consequences. Tobey increased the firepower of the sword and swung with all her might at the Chef. The fire consumed the pus in an instant and the Chef was beginning to look uneasy as he swayed from side to side. The distraction was just what Venta needed as he slashed Bren across the chest. Blood began to pool and run down the front of Bren’s robes. Dagnal knew that this must be serious as the mage was always so particular about cleanliness and this time Bren did nothing but clutch his chest in pain.

Teradil took this moment to strike at Venta. He swung Wyrmslayer at Venta’s neck. The helmet broke and soared across the floor, clattering against the foot of a sleeping bard that no one had previously noticed. The bard shook herself awake and took in the fight scene before her. She had seen it happen over and over again and she began to tune her mandolin, knowing that these guests would face the same fate as the others. The now headless Venta sank to his knees his arms searching for his helmet head like a nerd searching for his glasses. Teradil looked within the armor and spotted a small flame. “Hey, hey, let me out! Help!” The flame cried. “Wha- Reggie?!” Kraus called from across the room. “Don’t worry buddy, we’ll get you out of there.” Kraus has been getting closer and closer to the fight but is unable to strike without risking hitting Bren.

Shots are lobbed back and forth and still, the fight rages on. Bren goes to strike the Chef again but misses. The Chef turns, “You look tasty. I think I’m going to crush you and drink you up like a Mai Tai.” He advances on Bren and strikes out at him, hitting him right across the chest, mirroring the damage that Venta had caused earlier. Bren drops to his knees. He is held up by Venta’s whip alone and he seems to be slipping away. Each of our party reacts immediately, forgetting Venta for an instance. Striking one after another, they attempt to finish off the Chef before he can make good on his threat. Dagnal made an especially good effort. She picked up Venta’s crossbow arm, where Legitus had dropped it after ripping it off. Lifting the arm that weighed at least a third of her own weight she fired at the Chef’s soft squishy face. Upon hearing the click however the Chef flinched causing the bolt to ricochet off the wall and sending it up towards the ceiling. Dagnal stood in wonder as the chandelier, a 3000-year-old gift that predates the calamity, breaks off from the ceiling and heads towards the unsuspecting bard. The bard, of course, chose that moment to lean over and pick up the helmet off the floor. Sitting back up the bard simply locked eyes with Dagnal and gave a questioning glance. Tobey glances over to Teradil and sees him reaching into his bag. They lock eyes as his hand reaches deeper into the bag. Tobey nods frantically as she hopes that Teradiel has gotten word to the guild and received a healing potion for Bren. The nods quickly cease as Tobey notices that instead of a potion, the spine of a book starts to appear. Her eyes narrow and she shakes her head as Teradil gets the idea and puts the book away.

Unable to stop the Chef in time, our adventurers have to stand there and watch as in almost slow motion, as the Chef breaks the hold the whip has on Bren. Bren’s body slouches into the Chef. After cracking Bren’s skull like an egg, the Chef stays true to his word as he slurps out Bren’s brains and then throws the body away like a candy wrapper. Bren’s body hits the wall and slides down. His neck angled in such a way that there is no doubt. Their friend is gone.

“NOooooo!” Kraus falls to his knees. His hands covering his face. Not even Venta dares to move. The chef whips his jowls and looks around for the next little treat. Krause slowly gets up, the tension rolling off him in waves. His eyes begin to glow red and in his hand, a blue energy blade appears. The veins in his neck stand out as all of his rage and anger rush to the surface. He goes into a frenzy lashing out at both Venta and the Chef. It is impossible to see if any damage is being done but out party surges in behind him to assist. Tobey grabs her blade and goes to destroy the monster that killed her friend. Kraus in his rage steps right in front of her though and is hit instead. Legitus steps forward and in his anger splits the Chef in half like a moldy mushroom that has been left out in the summer sun for too long. The stench that rolls off the body is nearly overwhelming. Kraus is left gasping for air as he continues to flail at the monster’s fallen body. Venta turns and advances towards Teradil. Teradil grasped the hilt of Wrymslayer and brought it down on the chest of Venta. A bright light filled the room and the Shade Magic that held Venta together shattered leaving Reggie behind.

The forgotten bard looks up. She is puzzled. This was never the outcome before. But look they lost one of their own. She began to play a sad ballad for the loss of their companion. A ballad almost lost to time, though some remember it as “In The Arms of An Angel.” As the music flowed over the group, the weight of their lost felt heavier than anything that they would be able to carry.

Kraus walked over to Bren’s body. Picking him up, he cradled him close to his chest. “I never thought that I would ever be able to love. I thought a was too old, too broken, and too ugly to ever find love. But with you, I felt young, I was whole and I felt like I was perfect because I had you. I love you. I should have told you with every breath and never left you for a second. It’s not fair. We were going to grow old together, adopt some little mixed-race babies and end up sitting on rocking chairs watching the sunset together old and senile. We were going to be so in love that it would make everyone nauseous. It’s just not fair. I finally find you and you get taken away from me..” Krause has begun to rock back and forth as he cries over Bren’s body. He simply repeats the phrase “it’s not fair” over and over. Tobey walks over and places her hand on Kraus’s shoulder, her hand so small she isn’t sure he can even feel it. For once Tobey knows what to do and she says nothing as she pulls the tablecloth off the table. Kraus struggles to stand, the emotion and pain physically weakening him. Legitus and Dagnal rush over to hold him up as he walks towards the table. Carrying Bren as a newlywed husband would carry his bride Kraus makes his way to the table and gently lays him down on the table. He closes Bren’s eyes and brushes what hair remains off his face.

As he gazes into his lost loves face for the last time, Kraus makes a vow. “I’m going to find them. I promise. As long as I breathe, there will be no safe place for the Laternshires. I am going to bring them down brick by brick. Fathers, sons, even second cousins, I will burn this family tree down to the roots. I will salt this earth with their blood and my tears. They took you from me and I will take everything from them. I swear it.” He draws up the tablecloth to cover Bren’s face. He places a single kiss on Bren’s forehead and pauses a moment as a single tear, the last he would ever shed, rolls down his cheek to rest on Bren’s brow. He steps away and turns to Dagnal. “I have to go. Here take this horn. If you find the Laternshires first, blow this and I will come.” Dagnal simply nods. She has heard all Kraus has said and she will not stop him.

She and Legitus standoff from the group. They were new to this party but they are still struck by how painful Bren’s death is. “Remember that time we were trapped in the mountains and Bren created a bobsled? Or the time that he protected us from a cyborg version of himself?” Legitus and Dagnal exchanged stories while Tobey and Teradil said their goodbyes. Tobey rested he hand on Bren’s, “You big dummy, why’d you go and die on me? We were going to have adventures and I was going to write them up and people were going to tell stories of Bren the Brave or the Beautiful, I hadn’t quite figured it out yet. I was gonna get super drunk at your wedding and try and make out with your sister. I was gonna be the weird aunt or uncle or whatever. Why’d you have to go and die before it got good?” Tobey turned to sob on Teradil’s shoulder.

Now to Legitus and Dagnal, it appeared that Teradil was looking down on his friend’s body, sometimes smoothing the cloth. They both glanced up in shock as a large book fell to the ground at Teradil’s feet. Tobey stomped over to them, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. “He was reading the stupid book again, while his friend lies dead right in front of him. The stupid bastard boy.” Teradil at least had the nerve to look sheepish as they walked out of the dining room into the main hall.

Hunzu waited there for them. When Venta shattered the magic that protected the hall shattered, thus freeing Hunzu. Telepathically feeling their pain and sorrow, Hunzu didn’t need to ask after Bren, but he did his best to send comforting thoughts to them all. “Kraus said you’d be able to help us break the spell on the town.” Tobey sniffled and rubbed her sleeve across her face. Bren would be horrified at the sight of blood being smeared across her face but at this point, Tobey didn’t care about her looks, she wanted to get in and get out. There was a bottle of liquor somewhere in this village with her name on it.

Hunzu lead them down to the dungeon where after a quick search of the cells, revealed the bodies of misshapen and horrifying subjects. They were a series of experiments that had been left here. The pain in their eyes screaming for a quick end to their pain. In the last cell, a corpse that appeared to have been gnawed to death laid in a stately dress. In front of her hovered a gem. Hunzu put the thought out there that this gem could only be broken by a magical weapon. Teradil and Tobey pulled out their weapons. Pointedly, Hunzu let Teradil that the weapon would be shattered by the force of breaking the gem. This could either free Feynrial or destroy him forever. Teradil looked at Tobey and then back to Wyrmslayer. It would be either his friend or the entire village. Which was more important, the few or the many. As he stared down at his weapon, trying to make that choice, Tobey was having her own mental crisis. She could have saved Bren. If she had just chosen the team over her own glory, he might have lived. He might not have but he would have had a chance. It was Tobey’s fault as much as it was the Laternshires.

It was all her fault. That thought raced through her mind over and over until something like a warm blanket settled over her thoughts. What would Bren want right now?
To be alive, duh. Try again. What would Bren do? Tobey glanced at the dwarf thinking that Hunzu was saying to throw her at the gem. No. Tobey looked down at her Thunder Ax. It was time, she would put away this glory and dedicate herself to protecting her party. Bren was dead because of her and she would be damned if she was going to lose another one of them. Before Teradil could even raise the sword to strike the gem, Tobey raced in and struck the gem with all of her strength. The gem and the sword shattered. Tobey stood there in the debris of her ax and the gem and smiled manically. “Big Motherfuckin’ Heros Bitch!” That’s what Bren would have done. Hunzu shook his head not entirely convinced but the village had been saved so who was he to disagree.

They gathered back at the main hall. Insert Rosario’s entrance and Bren’s funeral.

Our party gathers their belongings and returns to the village. Teradil leads them straight to the woman he left crying before. She has no memory of him but pulls out a necklace. “ Oh, that’s strange, it only is supposed to glow in the presence of the true heir.” A crowd begins to form around our party. Insert Marcus entrance here.

Daddy Issues Meet Orcsbane

The Dire Orc picks up Rosario by the throat. Her feet kicking as she tries to find the ground beneath her. Her father draws her close and growls, “Where is your mother?” He slams her into the ground before she can speak. Her hand at her throat she is barely able to croak out, “Good question.” She coughs, her throat raw. “We don’t know.” This was not how Rosario expected this meeting to go. She barely has time to think before she is being lifted and slammed into Bren.

“You are an abomination,” he spits out as he draws his sword. He squeezes the guard and with a few short clicks fire envelopes the blade. Rosario feels anger swelling up within her. This is her own father saying this. “What makes me the abomination?” She shouts at him. Whether it is her father’s brute strength or her mother’s defiant spirit that fuels her is unknown, but she is not having this. All she wants is to find her family and her place but not like this. “Join us, the clan, or die!” There seem to be only two paths available right now and neither look particularly inviting. Rosario refuses her father’s offer.

Remembering the orc code, Rosario challenges her father to a fight to the death instead. He accepts and tells the party that if one of them defeats him by some miracle, that they can go. Teradiel hops up from where he was sitting reading away. He prepares to do battle when Legitus stops him. He insists on completing this fight alone. Puzzled but placated by the knowledge that he can get back to his book, Teradiel shrugs and sits back down. Not even Tobey’s nagging that they should “do something” can tear him away from his page. Whatever this book is, it has a strange possessive hold on Teradiel.

The party is completely encircled by a horde of 32 orcs. There will be no distractions or easy escapes for them. Legitus will have to win or everyone will perish. He activated his ring, firing off two shots that stream comet like blasts directly into the Dire Orc. “That tickles,” he growls brushing sparks off himself. Legitus grabs his bow and fires off a shot striking the Dire Orc. The Orc retaliates by gripping tight the pommel of his sword and clicking twice. Flames surge brighter and hotter down the length of the blade. The Orc charges Legitus head on, missing but causing parts of Legitus’ clothing to catch fire. Pulling out a horn, the Dire Orc blows a sharp note. A visible sonic wave erupts and Legitus’ eardrums burst. He is now fighting deaf. Back and forth they spar weakening each other with every blow. For just a moment the Dire Orc raises his arms to bring down a crushing blow to Legitus. But Legitus spots an old wound still bleeding. It is an arrow lodged in the Dire Orc’s chest. Legitus fires off one last bolt and strikes him in the same place. The blade crashes down barely missing Legitus. The Dire Orc looks puzzled and then a wave of acceptance passes over his face. “You deserve this victory.”

These are the last words of the Dire Orc as he keels over dead. All around them the orcs rage. Their leader has been slain and by an elf no less. Though he cannot hear their cries Legitus sees the rage on their faces and chops the head of the Dire Orc off with his own sword. Holding the head aloft, Legitus throws down the sword next to Teradiel. Rosario sheds a tear not for her father whose body lays before her, but for the family she had hoped to find. The family that was lost to her now.

“We will not be lead by a filthy knife ears,” one of the orcs spat. Not surprising these orcs would not be honoring a dead orcs words. As Rosario tries to argue a case for her place as leader, Teradiel has pulled himself away from the book long enough to examine the sword that has fallen into his lap. Knowing that the weapon is mechanical rather than magical, he decides to retain Wyrmslayer and passes over the sword to Tobey. His hope was that the new sword would keep Tobey and her nagging off his back long enough to finish his book. Even now with he found himself growing tense and he felt an itching in his fingers to get back to reading. Rosario accepts a token that will allow her entrance into Jihar in 4 months, when she will be able to present her case to the tribes. Legitus has been bestowed with the title Orcsbane.

Bright light Sword 3d6 damage

Dawn broke the next day and our party trekked on towards the town of Lanternshire. They head towards a familiar territory, one that they saw streaming past as the bobsled down time. They crossed over a river unmarked on the map and Legitus in a moment of kindness and sensitivity decided to call it the Dire River in honor of Rosario’s father.

As they approached the outskirts of the town, they noticed near the short wall a statue that wasn’t there before. They walked slowly towards it looking for traps or wards that might cause a problem, many of them remembering what happened last time they tried to enter a protected city. Not seeing any reason to fear the adventurers say down next to the statue to await Hunzo’s arrival. Tobey couldn’t help but to get up and pace, Teradiel had his nose in the book before his rear even touched the ground. Tobey walked over to the statue and examined it closely. It wasn’t any hero or special person that she could remember reading about. She reached out and poked the statue. “Who are you?” She muttered. “I am Hunzo.” A deep voice echoed from within the statue. It began to move and quickly the party sprang to their feet. Greetings were exchanged and it was agreed that Hunzo would join them on their trip into the village. He tapped each one in the middle of the forehead. A bright halo of light encircled each one. This was a memory charm that would protect them from the strange waves of amnesia. Hunzo also noticed Dagnal’s lack of belongings and gifted him with a crossbow and a box of bolts.

Entering the town, Teradiel puts the book away long enough to search for a marketplace. They quickly find one though even during what should be lunch hour there are very few people out and about. Whether this is because they have forgotten where they were going or simply a general lack of people, no one was sure. Finding a booth that looks to sell weapons and armor, Teradiel strides over to begin to barter. Sadly, the woman who runs the stall was only able to get through “Hi, how can I help..” before the next wave. Though he tried several times he was not able to and his sense of right kept him from simply taking what he needed. With any luck, he would be back after they saved the day. As they left a lone tear slid down the woman’s face, but just as quickly as it fell, she quickly forgot why she was sad to see them go.

Coming to the Lanternshire Manor, the group begins to puzzle on how to best enter. Dagnal and Legitus both scout out the perimeter of the Manor. Dagnal spent more time looking up not wanting to have a repeat of the “Wyvern Incident.” She was so focused that she nearly tripped over a cellar door that appeared unguarded. In fact the entire Manor appeared to be unguarded and without wards. There were only going to be two options: walk in the front door, or sneak in through the cellar. Not one to shy away, it was agreed that if they were going to walk into a fight that they were going to do so by facing it head on.

Striding through the front door, our adventurers stopped in the foyer . A large sweeping staircase stood before them. At the top, a beam of light from the lowering sun shining on it, stands a suit of armor unlike any they have ever seen. Created by the Soreian Collective it has is so dark that the light seems to be being absorbed into it. As the party advances, the space behind the visor lights up like eyes and it steps forward.

Though daunted, our party will not be fazed by this strange new creature. “Welcome!” The cheerful voice called to the group. The mellow tone in sharp contrast to the darkness of the plates of armor. “All guests are welcome to Lanternshire Manor. We have rooms for all of you.” The armor pauses and if armor could sniff that is exactly what it would do as it looks at the group and says “…with baths of course.”

This suit of armor introduces itself as Venta, a guardian of Lanternshire Manor. He begins to lead each to their rooms. Each room is plush and opulent. Kraus and Bren of course insist on sharing a room of course but everyone else gets their own room.

One everyone had been dropped off at their rooms, Tobey stuck her head out the door and looked both ways makin sure that Venta was not near by. She raced around the corner to try and confer with Teradiel, so that they could come up with a plan. Glancing over her shoulder to look out for Venta, Tobey was brought up short, crashing right into the very suit of armor she was trying to avoid. “Is there something wrong with your room?” Tobey began to stutter “Um n-n-no… it’s just that I was gonna go see Teradiel, cause you know..” How do you explain to a giant suit of armor that you need to go find a plan to maybe destroy it with your warrior buddy. “Oh, you should have said.” Venta said as it propelled Tobey back towards her own room. Swinging open the door, Venta marches in and right away blasted a hole in the wall that separated the two warriors rooms.

Several hall away, Legitus pauses at another door. The blast has slightly shaken the building but he presses on. Checking for secret passages and hidden passages, Legitus has come across this door. He enters and steps through a force field that leaves him clean and feeling refreshed. Finally free of the Orc blood that had stained his clothes, Legitus felt much more himself. Dagnal had of course insisted on taking a nap, so she was not here to view this super fancy bathroom.

The sound of drilling and brick laying filled both Teradil’s rooms as Venta created an adjoining door between the two rooms.
Sneaky cellar or front door. Light cascading into the suit of armor welcome to the manor. How long are you staying? Big sweeping stairs. Bren’s room has bath. Each has a room.

Tobey tries to get out. Adjoing rooms. 3 hours. Venta dinner. Soreian collective. Rosario runs to Bren. Hunzo left frozen.

Legitus wanders, into bathroom huge hole,crature at the bootom, odeug. Teradil tobey argue cause of book. Dagnal takes nap.

Dinner served. 7 seats. Various bits pieces.

What Are They Hiding In The Basement?
Did you miss ANY traps Legitus?

When the Kraus House is knocking, well you get the idea. After hanging around Ashlance Manor for about a week the team was beginning to go a bit stir crazy. Most of the undead had shambled off after the necromancer had died and the rest left after Dagnal and Legitus decided to see who could pick the most off one drunken night. (Dagnal won.) While Bren and Kraus are “busy” the rest of the team have decided to explore the main house. A large stuffy place that could do with a good scrub and some mouse traps, Ashlance Manor came to Kraus as an award for his services to the Emperor. The Ashlances had been used Shade Magic so no one was in any hurry to hang out in their old house.

Teradil began exploring the main hall, his mouth open in wonder at all the dust and cobwebs. Rosario heads off in another direction, looking for the library that all these great houses had. She passes by Dagnal who is knocking on walls every foot or so, trying to find a secret passage. Once inside the library, she discovered a room filled with books, many of them haven’t been opened in decades. She spots three books in the “Old as Balls” section. They appear to be Pre-Calamity books. “Hmm, I better tell Teradil about these. He’ll lose his mind,” she muttered to herself.

Back out in the main hall, Tobey waves to Legitus as she heads off to the kitchen. As all halflings know, all the good stuff is kept in the kitchen. (There was no good stuff in this kitchen.) Legitus watches Tobey bound off to the kitchen like a small puppy in leather armour. He shakes his head and heads towards an interesting tapestry. Not two steps away, he hears a click just as his foot comes down. He throws himself to the floor just as a crossbow bolt shoots out of the wall, aiming right for him. It whips overhead. Legitus waits to hear the bolt stick but instead hears only the tearing of cloth. He waits a moment, suspecting a second bolt. Standing he makes his way over to the tapestry. It is a beautiful piece of art that must have taken some nobleman’s daughter ages to finish. The tapestry depicted a fierce battle between Karis and the orcs. Feeling a breeze Legitus steps closer. There right between Karis’ legs is a large tear. Big enough to be made by a large cross bolt. Not wanting to ruin the probably priceless tapestry further, Legitus wanders down to the edge of the piece. He pulls at the edge, knocking it to the ground. Hidden behind it, for who knows how long, is an archway.

Finally stopping for a break, Bren decides now is the right time to bring up his feelings. He wants to know if this is going to be a thing or if this was just a one-off (many time off) thing. He goes on and on about his feelings and wanting to keep going once they get back to the guild. Throughout all this Kraus just sits there with a slightly confused look. Bren stops to take a breath. Before he can carry on, Kraus stops him, “So like your boyfriend?” Bren turns pink and just says “Yep, sure, my boyfriend, yep, or whatever.” Kraus just smiles and says “Yeah, sure. Why not? But we have to get going here soon if you want to check out the house. There’s a storm coming in soon.” They discuss the house a bit more and Kraus confides in Bren that there are pre-calamity books in the library. “Oh,” Bren exclaims, “Teradil is going to love that!”

Back together in the main halls, Bren hurries over to Teradil and Rosario. “Teradil, you’ll never guess! There are pre-calamity books in the library!” Rosario smacks Bren’s arm. “I was going to tell him!” Teradil’s mouth drops open, “Great! Maybe now I can figure out why I’m having all these visions!” He bolts towards the library. “Hey! What visions?” Dagnal shouts after him. Teradil has already thrown open the doors of the library. He races over to the table where Rosario left the books. He cracks the spine of the first one and starts reading.

In the main hall, Bren is catching up the rest of the group about the information he learned from Kraus. It mostly sounds like “and then Kraus said this. And isn’t Kraus lovely, and oh look at his arms, he’s my boyfriend. Blah blah blah…” Legitus waits patiently for the right moment to mention that he accidentally set off a trap and ruined Bren’s new boyfriend’s priceless tapestry, which happens to be laying on the floor next to a huge arch that no one seems to have noticed. Suddenly the front door swings open and Mr. Big Arms himself bursts into the room. “The storm is getting worse, we need to leave now.” The adventurers all look at Bren “What storm?” Tobey asks. Bren looks a bit ashamed. “Yes, the storm, the one I was supposed to tell you about, yep that one.” Kraus, however, had wandered over to Legitus and the arch and gave him the sort of look that says, “That wasn’t here before.” Legitus rushes to explain that he is very sorry but there was a trap and he almost died and he didn’t mean to do it but look new staircase. Of course, he said it in a very manly elf-like way though.

Rosario rushes off to get Teradil who looks like he is about to cry at the idea of coming so far and having to leave. He is struggling to carry them all with him when Tobey reminds him “We have a magic bag. Just send them to Pik-Ik-Cha and you can read them later.” After spending so much time figuring things out for themselves, sometimes our adventurers forget that there are easier ways to do things. They all return to the hall and gather around the newly discovered arch and staircase. The choice has to be to start out in the blizzard or to discover what lies at the end of this tunnel. Since the storm has already started, the vote is to go exploring. Rosario is kind enough to fetch the candelabra from the library for Tobey since she has no torch. For some reason, it reminds Tobey of an old halfling children’s song and she begins to softly sing, “Be our guest, Be our guest..” “Ssshh, Tobey enough.” Teradil hushes her.

As Legitus leads the party forward down the stairs, for the second time that day he hears a click. “Oh, come on.” He barely has enough time to swear and the staircase turns into a ramp and dumps them straight down. Lying on the floor, the warriors begin between themselves. Some harsh words are spoken and somehow it ends with Tobey yelling “At least my parents loved me enough to keep me.” Teradil is going to make Tobey pay for that last comment but right now there are more interesting things happening. Picking themselves off the ground, the party notices three doors. They face North, West, and South, with the eastern spot being taken by the stairs/ramp. While Tobey notices a shimmer on the western door, she says nothing still fuming and in pain from being dropped on her tuchas. She doesn’t remember being this sore when she was a dude.

Rosario looks closer to the doors and notices the magical seal on the western door. They decide to hold off on the one for now. Teradil throws open the southern door, ready to fight anything that moves. The draft from the door knocks over a broom. After examination, it is discovered that this broom is none other than The Broom That Swept The Heavens or the Wonder Broom for short. It seems a silly thing but Teradil is determined to keep it. Legitus slowly opens the northern door. It is a dungeon. He walks through the cells not expecting to find anyone. He comes across a skeleton in a cell, all alone. “Well hey there buddy,” Legatis mutters. “Well, Hi! Got any Devil Weed on you?” The skeleton says as it lurches toward Legitus.

The adventurers all rush in behind Legitus, having heard his yelp of surprise and a strange new voice. The skeleton is a former cook/thief named Linguine. He was cursed by this prison and is now stuck this way. He tells the party that he was imprisoned here because he stole a ring that would allow him to vanish and appear 20 yards away. Teradil rolled his eyes. He had heard of another ring with the power to allow a user to turn invisible. “Not that garbage, why would you want to turn invisible? You’re still there, any idiot could still hit you. No, this ring allowed me to teleport. Only 20 yards, but you know.” Linguine seems insulted at the mere idea that anyone would want an invisibility ring. Of course, Tobey found this incredibly racist as that invisibility ring is a well-known halfling ring. Linguine sensing the party wavering on letting him out, tells them that he will help them into the treasury next door. He reveals that when you touch the door you end up in this cell. The party doesn’t trust him but Teradil has decided to let him help. When Linguine points out that they will need to let him out so he can help, Teradil points out that Linguine only needs to step out between the bars and he is free.

Leaving the dungeon, Tobey confides in Bren that she doesn’t trust the newly freed skeleton. “How do we know that the door won’t just explode when we touch it?” Bren decides that this time it is better to err on the side of caution. Even though their highly flammable companions are no longer with them, fire and this water mage’s hair just do not mix. Turning to Teradil and Linguine, who are still chatting away, Bren pops Linguine’s skull off. Dagnal and Legitus step back as all of the bones scattered over the floor. After explaining to Linguine that if he is lying they will leave him here as a skull, Bren has Tobey and Rosario scoop the bones into the magic bag while Teradil writes a note to Pik-Ik-Cha asking him to hold onto these for later. Our party would later learn to write the note first so that Pik-Ik-Cha can ready a box for things like this. A new recruit had wandered by and after seeing piles of bones come racing out of a satchel and scatter all over the floor, promptly quit and noped right out of there.

After conferring with the group, Bren was still hesitant on how to determine if the door would be safe to open or not. Remembering a story that Rosario had told her about throwing a dwarf at the door, Tobey offered that up as a suggestion. Dagnal was not impressed and seemed likely to throw Tobey at it instead. Bren seized upon this idea and without warning chucked the skull at the door. A sonic boom rocked the entire room. Half the party was left temporarily deaf. Rosario, Bren, and Dagnal all began to shout, asking what happened and what the hell Bren. After racing to get Linguini’s head out of the cell. Teradil rushes over to Bren and begins to mime “Arcane Blast” Kraus just looks at him. After watching this go on for too long, he grinds out, “You literally have been writing notes to Pik-Ik-Cha all day. Just write it down.” Teradil sheepishly took out a bit of paper and explained his plan to Bren. As their hearing began to come back and Bren explained what he was going to do, most of the party dashed off to the dungeon. They remembered the poor defenseless cathedral from last time. Winding back Bren launched an Arcane Blast right at the ward, shattering it into splinters.

Before leaving the prison, Kraus turned to the adventurers, “Look I don’t know you guys that well and, well, since you are my boyfriend’s friends, whatever we find, I want to share it with you guys.” They poke their heads out, surveying the damage. As Bren seems to be in one piece the party heads for the newly unwarded western door. Legitus leads the way. Opening the door, he is nearly impaled by a sword hanging just above the door. He decides that someone else can spring these traps next time. Just behind him Kraus comes in and claims all the gold. While it seems unfair that Mr. WeCan Share Guys has just taken all the money, the party is more interested in the magical items that they each discover.

On a low table under some old glasses, Teradil finds the Tome of Understanding. Though he may not realize it, the tome is cursed with possessiveness. Though it will help him immensely, he will not want to let it go. Bren finds a pair of amazing boots over by the door. They are the Boots of Winter. Though they will be of little use once the descend the mountains, right now they feel absolutely blissful. Dagnal discovers a pair of Dimensional Shackles that clang like a bell as they knock together. Perhaps these will come in use when they have to confront the Imposter of the Throne. Rosario has found a lovely brooch sitting in front of a mirror. It is the Brooch of Shielding. More than just a pretty thing, this will protect her against magical damage and arcane blasts. Knowing her brother that last one is a pretty good deal. She feels herself growing tired as she pins it on, almost slothful. Racing in, Tobey grabs a cloak and throws it on. Though she dares not use it yet, she has chosen the Cloak of the Bat. Once a day, she will be able to turn into a bat though she will need to feast on humanoid blood. Legitus has found the Ring of Shooting Stars. Though it will continue to change design and style, the ring will allow him to light up the darkness. They have also found the ring Linguine mentioned.

Scanning the room for anything else that might be of use, Legatis and Rosario discover a secret panel that opens to show a deck of cards. It is the Deck of Many Things. Teradil throws his hands up in the air and sulks off to sit next to the wall. “Nope, nope, nope. Don’t you do it.” He mutters to Legitus. It must be something that warriors have been taught about because Tobey also looks a bit sick at the sight of the deck. Without pause or even sympathy for his warrior companions, Legatis draws four cards right off the deck. His entire world is about to change.

The first card is a picture of an ogre. This is the Comets card. He will have to face the next challenge alone if he wants its reward. The second shows a druid, it is the knight. He is suddenly given the knowledge that if he should ever need one there is a fighter that will come to him and be loyal only to him. The third, a red dragon, a powerful card that will allow Legitus to unweave reality. He could reverse the calamity, stop his own death, stop the great darkness that threatens the land. Or he could create a glass that never empties of booze, it’s really a toss-up with this elf. The last card will be a difficult one, the face of it merely shows an iron golem. This flames card gives him the knowledge that a fierce devil has decided to make him suffer and it will be either him or the devil that survives. With all of this new knowledge swirling through his mind, Legitus puts up no fight when Dagnal snatches two cards from the deck.

Dagnal has chosen poorly. She has pulled not only the hill giant, talons, card which has stolen away her pistol and shackles, she has also chosen the Ruin card. With a Priest and two acolytes on it, the card disappears all but the mundane. Truly a ruining move, it takes all of her money as well. With that, the deck disappears.

Teradil and Tobey exchange a glance and agree that things could have gone much, much worse. Now that the team had emptied the Ashlance vault, they decided there was nothing else to do but to try and get out. After searching the storage room and prison for a way out, Rosario and Legitus discover a mechanism which will activate the stairs. “Anyone know how to turn this into an escalator?” Tobey whined as she stomped up the stairs. “A what?” Dagnal asked. Legitus waved her off. “It’s probably a halfling thing.”

At the top of the stairs, Kraus waves everyone but Dagnal over. He thinks that because Dagnal lost everything that they should give her the ring to hold on to. Tobey, knowing the power and destruction Dagnal could have unleashed, refuses. Rosario, not 100 percent sure why backs Tobey up. Kraus doesn’t understand why Tobey is being such a dick about this and when pressed, Tobey snaps, “Look if you care so much, why don’t you give up some of your stuff!” Kraus steps back and looks at Tobey like she had bitten him. He then unhooks a bag of gold and tosses it to Dagnal. “Here, have 200 gold since your friends have nothing for you.”

Looking out the door, the snow has continued to come down. One way or another, they were going to have to head back in this storm. Keeping his word, Teradil asks Pik-Ik-Cha to return the body of Linguini. There is a brief argument about who will be riding with who. Kraus will ride behind Bren, which he agreed to with a slight blush. Linguini, on the other hand, will be riding with Teradil after Tobey refused to have the skeleton ride with her, even though she would have the most room. This halfling can hold a grudge. Teradil requests that Linguini puts on some clothes, though the maid costume that Linguini chose was not what he expected.

Rosario is beyond thrilled to get to ride her direwolf “puppy” Pablo. She calls him right over and begins to prepare for the trip. While packing she remembers that Sawyer owes her a favor. Instead of taking the long way back to Banished, she thinks about the poor Laternshire Village they left behind. She runs inside to Teradil. Passing messages back and forth through Pik-Ik-Cha and Sawyer, they realize that the Laternshires cursed their own village and it would take someone at least as strong as them to break it. The only one they know is Hunzu Shardmind. He will meet them at Laternshire Village. They head out and make it to the gate of the Ashlance Manor. Just outside, Kraus pulls out a brick and flips it around before inserting it. A shimmering mist forms around the Manor protecting it from outside forces.

A week later, the party is growing nearer and nearer to Lanternshire Village. They have made decent time even with the snow. Tobey has been thrilled to show off her skijoring skills and has even got Teradil to put down the books and spar a few times. Though Dagnal seems sad to have lost her pistol, she seems satisfied with the knowledge that she will be able to find something new with her wealth. The storm has continued to rage and it seems like Kraus was not exaggerating when he said storms like this could last for months.

Suddenly the pack stops short. They begin to whimper and slowly fade into the snow. There is a brief lull, like being in the eye of a hurricane. Just ahead figures begin to form out of the blistering snow and ice. Rosario whips out her eyeglass. There, moving towards them and around them, are a horde of orcs. The orcs and their mounts clearly tower over them. As they encircle the adventurers, the largest of the orcs dismounts and makes his way toward the group. Drawing closer he locks eyes with Rosario. It is the Icon known as the Dire-Orc. He walks over and looms over her. “Hello, Daughter.”

Ghost Dragons, Wyverns and Undead.
How do you like your eggs?

Our story picks up as our adventurers prepare to leave town. Bren has finally healed enough to move and while he isn’t feeling completely himself, he is well enough to dash off to save the day. The requisitioners office has finally come through will all the supplies and they prepare to leave. A quick stop at the local Arm & Go remains. Knowing that they will be facing an unknown number of Undead they stock up on cold iron arrows and morning stars. The warriors patiently wait, as they sharpen their magic weapons; which are bound to come in handy. With a quick check of the supplies, the party heads out of town.

Barely outside the town limits, they hear a DING. There is a message from Pik-ik-cha. Kraus is in desperate need of our assistance and urges us to hurry. He reminds them that there are two paths to the Ashlance Manor. Over the mountains or under them. Now using the Underline, the Dwarven Highway, you can get there in a week but over the mountains can take much longer with the additional risk of Frost Giants and one big spider that no one especially Bren wants to run into again. Never ones to leave a guild member in danger (unless it is Crazy Nicodemus) the party decides to vote. Everyone besides Tobey votes in favor of the Underline. “Aw, screw you guys!” Tobey says visibly annoyed that she would not be able to do any skijoring behind her direwolf this trip.

They enter the Dwarven Highway and travel towards the Ashlance Manor. For six days and nights the pass ruin after ruin. These towns and structure abandoned for what seems like hundreds of years. They pass some abandoned highway construction sites that proclaim that this section of the highway would be completed at a date long lost to time. “Nice to see nothing changes,” mutters Tobey stepping around a large pothole. The party decides to rest for what they assume is the night. The air here is clearer and almost sweeter smelling now that they are almost out.

Rosario and Legitus take first watch staring into the darkened tunnels, watching and waiting. Sometime in the night, so faint he almost didn’t believe his elf ears, he hears a bell ring out. He listens again but all is silent. He feels silly passing this information on to the next watch, but Teradil and Dagnal seem to take it in stride. They are startled later by a louder bell, almost gong-like sounds down the tunnel, towards where they had just come from. Just as before silence envelopes them and nothing appears. Bren and Tobey take the last watch and seem confused by the mysterious bell. They don’t remember passing by any bells or anything and they haven’t seen anyone else in days. They listen but don’t really seem to be concerned.

Barely ten minutes into their watch, the entire camp is awoken by a blasting bell! They spring awake glancing around as the sound dies out. Bren spots a white shimmer and warns the others. As it draws closer, Teradil’s sword Wyrmslayer begins to glow. The white shimmer is, in fact, the ghost of the Bone Dragon Quadratus!

Teradil quickly reaches out to Feyrial’s soul. “Uh, Feynrial, buddy…what should we do?” Feynrial in all his wisdom, points out the obvious “I don’t know, like fight or run.” Quadratus does not wait for the adventurers to decide, he bellows “Ah, at last. I have been hunting you for ages.” Tobey, unable to resist, mocks the dragon. “Where have you been? We’ve been hanging out in the mountains for ages.” “Shut up Tobey! Or I’ll eat you and be done with it. A little Tobey Tot Casserole.” Tobey is visibly shaken as she remembers that she’s not as tall as she used to be. Quadratus begins to monologue about a prophecy while Bren and Teradil question him and try to draw out answers. “Enough!” Teradil shouts. He charges and swings Wyrmslayer at Quadratis. He is tired of talking. With any luck destroying the ghost will weaken the trapped dragon and his prison.

The fighting begins in earnest as Legitus quickly fires off a couple of cold iron arrows from his longbow hitting the dragon after Teradil. Angered Quadratus turns, he lashed out at Teradil, dealing damage to him and Legitus. Not wanting to be left out, Toby swings Thunder Axe directly at the dragon before tucking behind Teradil. Rosario follows that up with a fire blast that is quickly combined with shots fired by Dagnal. Bren cracks his knuckles and prepares an arcane blast. He has no wish to be outdone by his half-sister. Sadly he misses and in the distance, a priceless and irreplaceable Dwarven cathedral crumbles under the force of his misplaced arcane blast.

While not bloodied, the great bone dragon Quadratus has grown pissed off. He tires of playing with the adventures and strikes out at Teradil who smashes Wyrmslayer into Quadratus’ face. The dragon’s claws still do their damage but the effects of the party are becoming more visible as parts of the dragon drift off and disperse. An entire chunk of his jaw and face have fallen thanks to Teradil’s efforts. The team tries in again to strike the dragon and each time, parts drift off. Bren has had enough though. Not satisfied with this piece by piece effort he reels back for another arcane blast. A direct hit from this nearly wiped Quadratus out for good. He turns to attack Teradil who was standing closest. Seeing his enemy’s weakness, he lightly tapped Quadratus (he booped the snoot.) As Quadratus faded into the darkness he muttered: “You have not seen the last of me.”

Our party gathers itself together. Teradil pulls out the heavy plate armor he has been lugging around. It is the armor taken from the corpse of the Commander. Rosario examines it and to Teradil’s surprise explains that this armor is actually the Armor of Amethshen, an Elven hero who fought alongside Karis during the Calamity. “It’s a shame about the hole though, you should really get that fixed,” she says pointing out the large hole where the god had pulled out the tieflings heart.

Desperate for fresh air and a new dawn breaking, the party raced towards the exit. Once through the passage, they looked up to see the Ashlance Manor before them. Around it was a strange moving mass. Looking through her eyeglass Rosario confirmed the party’s fear. “Yep, that’s a bunch of Undead.” Feynrial is very little help in this regard as he had always been welcome here and only has used the front door.

The rogues have decided to scout out the position and search for an alternative entry into the house. They split up. Dagnal going east and Legitus heading west. Though he is not able to find anything on his end, besides a shallower point of entry at the back, he turns just in time to see Dagnal wander right into a Wyvern’s nest. As highly territorial creatures the Wyvern is furious! It takes off with Dagnal clasped in her claws.

Circling the Manor, the Wyvern questions Dagnal about why she wandered into the nest. Dagnal blanches as the Wyvern belches up the skull of an Undead. After explaining the party’s plan to simply enter the cursed and warded Manor, the Wyvern is convinced to help. For a price, of course. A life for passage to the Manor. It is agreed. The Wyvern drops Dagnal laughing as the dwarf drops 200 feet before being caught again.

The pact has been made and after using the satchel to message Kraus, the party agrees to deliver a prisoner to the Wyvern. Fireballs burst overhead distracting the Undead as the Wyvern destroys them all. Inside Kraus and his team wait for the destruction to finally stop.

Remembering that Sawyer had asked her to pick up some Wyvern venom, Rosario trades another two lives for a large glass jar of venom. The Wyvern returns to her nest and Rosario uses the bag and a bit of paper to send the venom straight back to Sawyer via the satchel.

It is decided that the party should rest the night at the Manor before returning to Banished. Bren is continuously making eyes at Kraus and as they head towards the Kraus House, the party can barely make out Bren asking Kraus if he likes his eggs scrambled or fertilized.

Arrival In Banished
Suckin' Spider Butts

The party, while traveling from Lanternshire to Banished, come across a bandit ambush. They fight valiantly and eventually eliminate most of the bandits. When they are almost done with the battle, a silhouette appears in the forest. A large spider attacks the party and almost kills them. Bren is poisoned by the spider before it flees after taking a lot of damage.

The party races to get Bren to the city of Banished, where they have a cleric named Sawyer assist. While Bren is healing the rest of the party go to the HQ of the Lute Flute Heroes and talk with a strange four-armed bug like humanoid named Pik-Ik-Cha. He uses various Messenger Bags to pass messages from one guild member to another.

Feynrial tells Teradil to ask for Kraus, one of the founders of the guild. Pik-Ik-Cha sends a message and receives bad news. Kraus and his comrades are stuck in Ashlance Manor, far to the north. The manor is besieged by a horde of undead, and they need assistance.

Before the party can go to rescue Kraus, they go to the quartermaster and are given a dire-wolf mount for each of them to travel across the Timberwolf Mountains as well as supplies for the trip.

What Is The Weight of A Soul?
About 1 Tobi...

Bren, who had just seen his friend die by the heart-seeking bolt, jumps into action. He pulls out the Manticore Heart and stabs it with the Unicorn Horn. He vanishes for a moment, then re-appears falling to the ground.

At least that’s what everyone else sees. In reality, time stops and he is pulled away to a shadowy plane of existence. The realm of the God of Beginnings and Endings, Ecldir.

Ecldir, taking the form of a beautiful woman, with glowing lines of magic running across her skin in elaborate patterns, approaches Bren. She asks him how he got there, and what his wish was. He asks for Tobi to be brought back, to which Ecldir replies with “One soul will cost another”. She tells him to name one person, and he chooses Leoban, the tiefling that has been traveling with the prince.

She reaches into the void and pulls out a still-beating heart and places it on the scale for Tobi’s soul. She accepts the exchange, and sends Bren back to the material plane, making him also forget their meeting.

After Tobi is revived, they escape to the west and use a hidden teleportation pad beneath the Ladaris Bridge. Something goes wrong and they are sent many miles northwest of their intended location of Banished. They wind up miles into the Timberwolf Mountains.

After descending the mountain, and ridding themselves of the demon Barthandelus, they arrive at Lanternshire, where a mysterious curse has befallen the city. Not knowing how to counteract the effects, they decide to return at a later date to assist the town. They head towards Banished, the home of the Lute Flute Heroes.

Tobi's Rebellion
In the heart of heresy...

The party is captured by the Prince and the guards. They are lead to a holding cell along the wall that divides the palace from the rest of the city. After escaping and having a somewhat epic/hilarious battle with some guards, and befriending one named Tomás.

Tomás takes the party to his mom’s house for supper, then they go to leave the city. They meet a lady on the bridge who says that the rebellion could use their help and takes them to the leader Onlau Rugorim, also known as The Swordsman. He tells them that they are beginning to plan out a way to take back the city from the Prince and the evil Tiefling that whispers in his ear.

They are interrupted by a loud boom and realize that they are under attack. The woman from earlier pushes the party and Onlau out of the way in order to save them, trapping her on the wrong side of a portcullis. They flee down the escape tunnel to safety.

Once they leave they are beset by The Commander, a vicious and terrible person who now runs the nation’s armies. He launches a heart-seeking bolt straight into Tobi’s chest, killing him instantly.


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