Chronicles of Alaria

Feynrial's Travels
The Road So Far...

First Session:

“It all began in a dark and dirty prison cell. After the rest of my guildmates were slain in the last battle, they brought in new recruits to bolster my team…

They were across the hall, in the cell opposite of mine when I first saw them. A rag-tag bunch, to say the least. There was a dwarf, who decided to use himself as a battering ram and bust out of the cell. A couple of mages, one who was trained in fire magic, while the other was trained with water and healing magic. Along with them were a human, and a sea-elf.

They proceeded to escape and try to knock out the guard. It was quite the show. After they “defeated” the guard the let the rest of us prisoners out.

In thanks, I promised them safe harbor in Ardis, as well as my assistance in finding out why they were taken and sold to the Arena."

Second Session:

“I am beginning to doubt that these people have what it takes to survive the trip to Ardis. They can’t even seem to hit anything…

After steaking a Sand Slider, we came across some Corvus feasting on a fresh kill. They got too close, and a battle broke out, and the Half-Orc was blood marked by one of the Corvus mages.

After defeating the Corvus, we found a Manticore heart. Perhaps someone in the Arcanists guild could tell us more about it."

Third Session:

“Through means, I am still not quite sure I understand, the elf managed to get us safe passage to Ardis on an Elven vessel.

Part of the way through our trip we were set upon by a fierce storm. We were forced to run ashore about 100 miles west of Ardis.

After exploring the area, and finding a few nice treasures in the wreckage of the ship, we were attacked by a horde of goblins.

We retreated into the water, where we thought we were safe until their leader came out of the forest and began to attack us with his crossbow."

Fourth Session:

“We fought hard, and defeated the goblin leader, and in turn sent the goblin wave back into the forest. Though I do not think this is the last we will see of them.

Harick, and a contingent of 200 soldiers from Ardis happened upon us a while later. They offered to guide us back to Ardis. Though I may disagree with Haricks ways of leading, I know he would keep us safe on the journey.

Once in the city, Teradil and I opened up the old guild hideout and got it ready for use by the party. The others went off to get some info on various things.

It was later that day, after we all met back up outside the Battlement and Blade, that we heard a loud explosion from across the city. It seemed to come from the Martials district.. At that moment I knew that Velac had something to do with it…"


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