Chronicles of Alaria

Vampires & Demons

What the deuce?!

The party meets Ragnor in the Underline.

They decide to follow Ragnor into the Underline, to the ancient abandoned Dwarven city.

Awaiting a response from the guild to see what Ragnors translations say. Spoilers, it’s not good.

“This way to Bronzekiller Estate”, this is the place the party is going to seek lost treasure.

They arrive in the estate city, and Ragnor leads them to the central temple. They are attacked by an Ammit.

Every time Teradil activates Reaver Aura “Darude Sandstorm” starts playing in the background. Thanks, Bardtholomew.

Temple to Leoric- Ancient Dwarven God

Party meets Ragnors Master, Velac who has now become a vampire. Shit gets real and a mother fucking demon shows up to wreck Legitus. It’s Barthandelus, that ass potato!

The most epic fight of their lives? Yep.


Pelios Pelios

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