Chronicles of Alaria

Ghost Dragons, Wyverns and Undead.

How do you like your eggs?

Our story picks up as our adventurers prepare to leave town. Bren has finally healed enough to move and while he isn’t feeling completely himself, he is well enough to dash off to save the day. The requisitioners office has finally come through will all the supplies and they prepare to leave. A quick stop at the local Arm & Go remains. Knowing that they will be facing an unknown number of Undead they stock up on cold iron arrows and morning stars. The warriors patiently wait, as they sharpen their magic weapons; which are bound to come in handy. With a quick check of the supplies, the party heads out of town.

Barely outside the town limits, they hear a DING. There is a message from Pik-ik-cha. Kraus is in desperate need of our assistance and urges us to hurry. He reminds them that there are two paths to the Ashlance Manor. Over the mountains or under them. Now using the Underline, the Dwarven Highway, you can get there in a week but over the mountains can take much longer with the additional risk of Frost Giants and one big spider that no one especially Bren wants to run into again. Never ones to leave a guild member in danger (unless it is Crazy Nicodemus) the party decides to vote. Everyone besides Tobey votes in favor of the Underline. “Aw, screw you guys!” Tobey says visibly annoyed that she would not be able to do any skijoring behind her direwolf this trip.

They enter the Dwarven Highway and travel towards the Ashlance Manor. For six days and nights the pass ruin after ruin. These towns and structure abandoned for what seems like hundreds of years. They pass some abandoned highway construction sites that proclaim that this section of the highway would be completed at a date long lost to time. “Nice to see nothing changes,” mutters Tobey stepping around a large pothole. The party decides to rest for what they assume is the night. The air here is clearer and almost sweeter smelling now that they are almost out.

Rosario and Legitus take first watch staring into the darkened tunnels, watching and waiting. Sometime in the night, so faint he almost didn’t believe his elf ears, he hears a bell ring out. He listens again but all is silent. He feels silly passing this information on to the next watch, but Teradil and Dagnal seem to take it in stride. They are startled later by a louder bell, almost gong-like sounds down the tunnel, towards where they had just come from. Just as before silence envelopes them and nothing appears. Bren and Tobey take the last watch and seem confused by the mysterious bell. They don’t remember passing by any bells or anything and they haven’t seen anyone else in days. They listen but don’t really seem to be concerned.

Barely ten minutes into their watch, the entire camp is awoken by a blasting bell! They spring awake glancing around as the sound dies out. Bren spots a white shimmer and warns the others. As it draws closer, Teradil’s sword Wyrmslayer begins to glow. The white shimmer is, in fact, the ghost of the Bone Dragon Quadratus!

Teradil quickly reaches out to Feyrial’s soul. “Uh, Feynrial, buddy…what should we do?” Feynrial in all his wisdom, points out the obvious “I don’t know, like fight or run.” Quadratus does not wait for the adventurers to decide, he bellows “Ah, at last. I have been hunting you for ages.” Tobey, unable to resist, mocks the dragon. “Where have you been? We’ve been hanging out in the mountains for ages.” “Shut up Tobey! Or I’ll eat you and be done with it. A little Tobey Tot Casserole.” Tobey is visibly shaken as she remembers that she’s not as tall as she used to be. Quadratus begins to monologue about a prophecy while Bren and Teradil question him and try to draw out answers. “Enough!” Teradil shouts. He charges and swings Wyrmslayer at Quadratis. He is tired of talking. With any luck destroying the ghost will weaken the trapped dragon and his prison.

The fighting begins in earnest as Legitus quickly fires off a couple of cold iron arrows from his longbow hitting the dragon after Teradil. Angered Quadratus turns, he lashed out at Teradil, dealing damage to him and Legitus. Not wanting to be left out, Toby swings Thunder Axe directly at the dragon before tucking behind Teradil. Rosario follows that up with a fire blast that is quickly combined with shots fired by Dagnal. Bren cracks his knuckles and prepares an arcane blast. He has no wish to be outdone by his half-sister. Sadly he misses and in the distance, a priceless and irreplaceable Dwarven cathedral crumbles under the force of his misplaced arcane blast.

While not bloodied, the great bone dragon Quadratus has grown pissed off. He tires of playing with the adventures and strikes out at Teradil who smashes Wyrmslayer into Quadratus’ face. The dragon’s claws still do their damage but the effects of the party are becoming more visible as parts of the dragon drift off and disperse. An entire chunk of his jaw and face have fallen thanks to Teradil’s efforts. The team tries in again to strike the dragon and each time, parts drift off. Bren has had enough though. Not satisfied with this piece by piece effort he reels back for another arcane blast. A direct hit from this nearly wiped Quadratus out for good. He turns to attack Teradil who was standing closest. Seeing his enemy’s weakness, he lightly tapped Quadratus (he booped the snoot.) As Quadratus faded into the darkness he muttered: “You have not seen the last of me.”

Our party gathers itself together. Teradil pulls out the heavy plate armor he has been lugging around. It is the armor taken from the corpse of the Commander. Rosario examines it and to Teradil’s surprise explains that this armor is actually the Armor of Amethshen, an Elven hero who fought alongside Karis during the Calamity. “It’s a shame about the hole though, you should really get that fixed,” she says pointing out the large hole where the god had pulled out the tieflings heart.

Desperate for fresh air and a new dawn breaking, the party raced towards the exit. Once through the passage, they looked up to see the Ashlance Manor before them. Around it was a strange moving mass. Looking through her eyeglass Rosario confirmed the party’s fear. “Yep, that’s a bunch of Undead.” Feynrial is very little help in this regard as he had always been welcome here and only has used the front door.

The rogues have decided to scout out the position and search for an alternative entry into the house. They split up. Dagnal going east and Legitus heading west. Though he is not able to find anything on his end, besides a shallower point of entry at the back, he turns just in time to see Dagnal wander right into a Wyvern’s nest. As highly territorial creatures the Wyvern is furious! It takes off with Dagnal clasped in her claws.

Circling the Manor, the Wyvern questions Dagnal about why she wandered into the nest. Dagnal blanches as the Wyvern belches up the skull of an Undead. After explaining the party’s plan to simply enter the cursed and warded Manor, the Wyvern is convinced to help. For a price, of course. A life for passage to the Manor. It is agreed. The Wyvern drops Dagnal laughing as the dwarf drops 200 feet before being caught again.

The pact has been made and after using the satchel to message Kraus, the party agrees to deliver a prisoner to the Wyvern. Fireballs burst overhead distracting the Undead as the Wyvern destroys them all. Inside Kraus and his team wait for the destruction to finally stop.

Remembering that Sawyer had asked her to pick up some Wyvern venom, Rosario trades another two lives for a large glass jar of venom. The Wyvern returns to her nest and Rosario uses the bag and a bit of paper to send the venom straight back to Sawyer via the satchel.

It is decided that the party should rest the night at the Manor before returning to Banished. Bren is continuously making eyes at Kraus and as they head towards the Kraus House, the party can barely make out Bren asking Kraus if he likes his eggs scrambled or fertilized.


Pelios Pelios

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