Chronicles of Alaria

Daddy Issues Meet Orcsbane


The Dire Orc picks up Rosario by the throat. Her feet kicking as she tries to find the ground beneath her. Her father draws her close and growls, “Where is your mother?” He slams her into the ground before she can speak. Her hand at her throat she is barely able to croak out, “Good question.” She coughs, her throat raw. “We don’t know.” This was not how Rosario expected this meeting to go. She barely has time to think before she is being lifted and slammed into Bren.

“You are an abomination,” he spits out as he draws his sword. He squeezes the guard and with a few short clicks fire envelopes the blade. Rosario feels anger swelling up within her. This is her own father saying this. “What makes me the abomination?” She shouts at him. Whether it is her father’s brute strength or her mother’s defiant spirit that fuels her is unknown, but she is not having this. All she wants is to find her family and her place but not like this. “Join us, the clan, or die!” There seem to be only two paths available right now and neither look particularly inviting. Rosario refuses her father’s offer.

Remembering the orc code, Rosario challenges her father to a fight to the death instead. He accepts and tells the party that if one of them defeats him by some miracle, that they can go. Teradiel hops up from where he was sitting reading away. He prepares to do battle when Legitus stops him. He insists on completing this fight alone. Puzzled but placated by the knowledge that he can get back to his book, Teradiel shrugs and sits back down. Not even Tobey’s nagging that they should “do something” can tear him away from his page. Whatever this book is, it has a strange possessive hold on Teradiel.

The party is completely encircled by a horde of 32 orcs. There will be no distractions or easy escapes for them. Legitus will have to win or everyone will perish. He activated his ring, firing off two shots that stream comet like blasts directly into the Dire Orc. “That tickles,” he growls brushing sparks off himself. Legitus grabs his bow and fires off a shot striking the Dire Orc. The Orc retaliates by gripping tight the pommel of his sword and clicking twice. Flames surge brighter and hotter down the length of the blade. The Orc charges Legitus head on, missing but causing parts of Legitus’ clothing to catch fire. Pulling out a horn, the Dire Orc blows a sharp note. A visible sonic wave erupts and Legitus’ eardrums burst. He is now fighting deaf. Back and forth they spar weakening each other with every blow. For just a moment the Dire Orc raises his arms to bring down a crushing blow to Legitus. But Legitus spots an old wound still bleeding. It is an arrow lodged in the Dire Orc’s chest. Legitus fires off one last bolt and strikes him in the same place. The blade crashes down barely missing Legitus. The Dire Orc looks puzzled and then a wave of acceptance passes over his face. “You deserve this victory.”

These are the last words of the Dire Orc as he keels over dead. All around them the orcs rage. Their leader has been slain and by an elf no less. Though he cannot hear their cries Legitus sees the rage on their faces and chops the head of the Dire Orc off with his own sword. Holding the head aloft, Legitus throws down the sword next to Teradiel. Rosario sheds a tear not for her father whose body lays before her, but for the family she had hoped to find. The family that was lost to her now.

“We will not be lead by a filthy knife ears,” one of the orcs spat. Not surprising these orcs would not be honoring a dead orcs words. As Rosario tries to argue a case for her place as leader, Teradiel has pulled himself away from the book long enough to examine the sword that has fallen into his lap. Knowing that the weapon is mechanical rather than magical, he decides to retain Wyrmslayer and passes over the sword to Tobey. His hope was that the new sword would keep Tobey and her nagging off his back long enough to finish his book. Even now with he found himself growing tense and he felt an itching in his fingers to get back to reading. Rosario accepts a token that will allow her entrance into Jihar in 4 months, when she will be able to present her case to the tribes. Legitus has been bestowed with the title Orcsbane.

Bright light Sword 3d6 damage

Dawn broke the next day and our party trekked on towards the town of Lanternshire. They head towards a familiar territory, one that they saw streaming past as the bobsled down time. They crossed over a river unmarked on the map and Legitus in a moment of kindness and sensitivity decided to call it the Dire River in honor of Rosario’s father.

As they approached the outskirts of the town, they noticed near the short wall a statue that wasn’t there before. They walked slowly towards it looking for traps or wards that might cause a problem, many of them remembering what happened last time they tried to enter a protected city. Not seeing any reason to fear the adventurers say down next to the statue to await Hunzo’s arrival. Tobey couldn’t help but to get up and pace, Teradiel had his nose in the book before his rear even touched the ground. Tobey walked over to the statue and examined it closely. It wasn’t any hero or special person that she could remember reading about. She reached out and poked the statue. “Who are you?” She muttered. “I am Hunzo.” A deep voice echoed from within the statue. It began to move and quickly the party sprang to their feet. Greetings were exchanged and it was agreed that Hunzo would join them on their trip into the village. He tapped each one in the middle of the forehead. A bright halo of light encircled each one. This was a memory charm that would protect them from the strange waves of amnesia. Hunzo also noticed Dagnal’s lack of belongings and gifted him with a crossbow and a box of bolts.

Entering the town, Teradiel puts the book away long enough to search for a marketplace. They quickly find one though even during what should be lunch hour there are very few people out and about. Whether this is because they have forgotten where they were going or simply a general lack of people, no one was sure. Finding a booth that looks to sell weapons and armor, Teradiel strides over to begin to barter. Sadly, the woman who runs the stall was only able to get through “Hi, how can I help..” before the next wave. Though he tried several times he was not able to and his sense of right kept him from simply taking what he needed. With any luck, he would be back after they saved the day. As they left a lone tear slid down the woman’s face, but just as quickly as it fell, she quickly forgot why she was sad to see them go.

Coming to the Lanternshire Manor, the group begins to puzzle on how to best enter. Dagnal and Legitus both scout out the perimeter of the Manor. Dagnal spent more time looking up not wanting to have a repeat of the “Wyvern Incident.” She was so focused that she nearly tripped over a cellar door that appeared unguarded. In fact the entire Manor appeared to be unguarded and without wards. There were only going to be two options: walk in the front door, or sneak in through the cellar. Not one to shy away, it was agreed that if they were going to walk into a fight that they were going to do so by facing it head on.

Striding through the front door, our adventurers stopped in the foyer . A large sweeping staircase stood before them. At the top, a beam of light from the lowering sun shining on it, stands a suit of armor unlike any they have ever seen. Created by the Soreian Collective it has is so dark that the light seems to be being absorbed into it. As the party advances, the space behind the visor lights up like eyes and it steps forward.

Though daunted, our party will not be fazed by this strange new creature. “Welcome!” The cheerful voice called to the group. The mellow tone in sharp contrast to the darkness of the plates of armor. “All guests are welcome to Lanternshire Manor. We have rooms for all of you.” The armor pauses and if armor could sniff that is exactly what it would do as it looks at the group and says “…with baths of course.”

This suit of armor introduces itself as Venta, a guardian of Lanternshire Manor. He begins to lead each to their rooms. Each room is plush and opulent. Kraus and Bren of course insist on sharing a room of course but everyone else gets their own room.

One everyone had been dropped off at their rooms, Tobey stuck her head out the door and looked both ways makin sure that Venta was not near by. She raced around the corner to try and confer with Teradiel, so that they could come up with a plan. Glancing over her shoulder to look out for Venta, Tobey was brought up short, crashing right into the very suit of armor she was trying to avoid. “Is there something wrong with your room?” Tobey began to stutter “Um n-n-no… it’s just that I was gonna go see Teradiel, cause you know..” How do you explain to a giant suit of armor that you need to go find a plan to maybe destroy it with your warrior buddy. “Oh, you should have said.” Venta said as it propelled Tobey back towards her own room. Swinging open the door, Venta marches in and right away blasted a hole in the wall that separated the two warriors rooms.

Several hall away, Legitus pauses at another door. The blast has slightly shaken the building but he presses on. Checking for secret passages and hidden passages, Legitus has come across this door. He enters and steps through a force field that leaves him clean and feeling refreshed. Finally free of the Orc blood that had stained his clothes, Legitus felt much more himself. Dagnal had of course insisted on taking a nap, so she was not here to view this super fancy bathroom.

The sound of drilling and brick laying filled both Teradil’s rooms as Venta created an adjoining door between the two rooms.
Sneaky cellar or front door. Light cascading into the suit of armor welcome to the manor. How long are you staying? Big sweeping stairs. Bren’s room has bath. Each has a room.

Tobey tries to get out. Adjoing rooms. 3 hours. Venta dinner. Soreian collective. Rosario runs to Bren. Hunzo left frozen.

Legitus wanders, into bathroom huge hole,crature at the bootom, odeug. Teradil tobey argue cause of book. Dagnal takes nap.

Dinner served. 7 seats. Various bits pieces.


Pelios Pelios

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