Chronicles of Alaria

What Are They Hiding In The Basement?
Did you miss ANY traps Legitus?

When the Kraus House is knocking, well you get the idea. After hanging around Ashlance Manor for about a week the team was beginning to go a bit stir crazy. Most of the undead had shambled off after the necromancer had died and the rest left after Dagnal and Legitus decided to see who could pick the most off one drunken night. (Dagnal won.) While Bren and Kraus are “busy” the rest of the team have decided to explore the main house. A large stuffy place that could do with a good scrub and some mouse traps, Ashlance Manor came to Kraus as an award for his services to the Emperor. The Ashlances had been used Shade Magic so no one was in any hurry to hang out in their old house.

Teradil began exploring the main hall, his mouth open in wonder at all the dust and cobwebs. Rosario heads off in another direction, looking for the library that all these great houses had. She passes by Dagnal who is knocking on walls every foot or so, trying to find a secret passage. Once inside the library, she discovered a room filled with books, many of them haven’t been opened in decades. She spots three books in the “Old as Balls” section. They appear to be Pre-Calamity books. “Hmm, I better tell Teradil about these. He’ll lose his mind,” she muttered to herself.

Back out in the main hall, Tobey waves to Legitus as she heads off to the kitchen. As all halflings know, all the good stuff is kept in the kitchen. (There was no good stuff in this kitchen.) Legitus watches Tobey bound off to the kitchen like a small puppy in leather armour. He shakes his head and heads towards an interesting tapestry. Not two steps away, he hears a click just as his foot comes down. He throws himself to the floor just as a crossbow bolt shoots out of the wall, aiming right for him. It whips overhead. Legitus waits to hear the bolt stick but instead hears only the tearing of cloth. He waits a moment, suspecting a second bolt. Standing he makes his way over to the tapestry. It is a beautiful piece of art that must have taken some nobleman’s daughter ages to finish. The tapestry depicted a fierce battle between Karis and the orcs. Feeling a breeze Legitus steps closer. There right between Karis’ legs is a large tear. Big enough to be made by a large cross bolt. Not wanting to ruin the probably priceless tapestry further, Legitus wanders down to the edge of the piece. He pulls at the edge, knocking it to the ground. Hidden behind it, for who knows how long, is an archway.

Finally stopping for a break, Bren decides now is the right time to bring up his feelings. He wants to know if this is going to be a thing or if this was just a one-off (many time off) thing. He goes on and on about his feelings and wanting to keep going once they get back to the guild. Throughout all this Kraus just sits there with a slightly confused look. Bren stops to take a breath. Before he can carry on, Kraus stops him, “So like your boyfriend?” Bren turns pink and just says “Yep, sure, my boyfriend, yep, or whatever.” Kraus just smiles and says “Yeah, sure. Why not? But we have to get going here soon if you want to check out the house. There’s a storm coming in soon.” They discuss the house a bit more and Kraus confides in Bren that there are pre-calamity books in the library. “Oh,” Bren exclaims, “Teradil is going to love that!”

Back together in the main halls, Bren hurries over to Teradil and Rosario. “Teradil, you’ll never guess! There are pre-calamity books in the library!” Rosario smacks Bren’s arm. “I was going to tell him!” Teradil’s mouth drops open, “Great! Maybe now I can figure out why I’m having all these visions!” He bolts towards the library. “Hey! What visions?” Dagnal shouts after him. Teradil has already thrown open the doors of the library. He races over to the table where Rosario left the books. He cracks the spine of the first one and starts reading.

In the main hall, Bren is catching up the rest of the group about the information he learned from Kraus. It mostly sounds like “and then Kraus said this. And isn’t Kraus lovely, and oh look at his arms, he’s my boyfriend. Blah blah blah…” Legitus waits patiently for the right moment to mention that he accidentally set off a trap and ruined Bren’s new boyfriend’s priceless tapestry, which happens to be laying on the floor next to a huge arch that no one seems to have noticed. Suddenly the front door swings open and Mr. Big Arms himself bursts into the room. “The storm is getting worse, we need to leave now.” The adventurers all look at Bren “What storm?” Tobey asks. Bren looks a bit ashamed. “Yes, the storm, the one I was supposed to tell you about, yep that one.” Kraus, however, had wandered over to Legitus and the arch and gave him the sort of look that says, “That wasn’t here before.” Legitus rushes to explain that he is very sorry but there was a trap and he almost died and he didn’t mean to do it but look new staircase. Of course, he said it in a very manly elf-like way though.

Rosario rushes off to get Teradil who looks like he is about to cry at the idea of coming so far and having to leave. He is struggling to carry them all with him when Tobey reminds him “We have a magic bag. Just send them to Pik-Ik-Cha and you can read them later.” After spending so much time figuring things out for themselves, sometimes our adventurers forget that there are easier ways to do things. They all return to the hall and gather around the newly discovered arch and staircase. The choice has to be to start out in the blizzard or to discover what lies at the end of this tunnel. Since the storm has already started, the vote is to go exploring. Rosario is kind enough to fetch the candelabra from the library for Tobey since she has no torch. For some reason, it reminds Tobey of an old halfling children’s song and she begins to softly sing, “Be our guest, Be our guest..” “Ssshh, Tobey enough.” Teradil hushes her.

As Legitus leads the party forward down the stairs, for the second time that day he hears a click. “Oh, come on.” He barely has enough time to swear and the staircase turns into a ramp and dumps them straight down. Lying on the floor, the warriors begin between themselves. Some harsh words are spoken and somehow it ends with Tobey yelling “At least my parents loved me enough to keep me.” Teradil is going to make Tobey pay for that last comment but right now there are more interesting things happening. Picking themselves off the ground, the party notices three doors. They face North, West, and South, with the eastern spot being taken by the stairs/ramp. While Tobey notices a shimmer on the western door, she says nothing still fuming and in pain from being dropped on her tuchas. She doesn’t remember being this sore when she was a dude.

Rosario looks closer to the doors and notices the magical seal on the western door. They decide to hold off on the one for now. Teradil throws open the southern door, ready to fight anything that moves. The draft from the door knocks over a broom. After examination, it is discovered that this broom is none other than The Broom That Swept The Heavens or the Wonder Broom for short. It seems a silly thing but Teradil is determined to keep it. Legitus slowly opens the northern door. It is a dungeon. He walks through the cells not expecting to find anyone. He comes across a skeleton in a cell, all alone. “Well hey there buddy,” Legatis mutters. “Well, Hi! Got any Devil Weed on you?” The skeleton says as it lurches toward Legitus.

The adventurers all rush in behind Legitus, having heard his yelp of surprise and a strange new voice. The skeleton is a former cook/thief named Linguine. He was cursed by this prison and is now stuck this way. He tells the party that he was imprisoned here because he stole a ring that would allow him to vanish and appear 20 yards away. Teradil rolled his eyes. He had heard of another ring with the power to allow a user to turn invisible. “Not that garbage, why would you want to turn invisible? You’re still there, any idiot could still hit you. No, this ring allowed me to teleport. Only 20 yards, but you know.” Linguine seems insulted at the mere idea that anyone would want an invisibility ring. Of course, Tobey found this incredibly racist as that invisibility ring is a well-known halfling ring. Linguine sensing the party wavering on letting him out, tells them that he will help them into the treasury next door. He reveals that when you touch the door you end up in this cell. The party doesn’t trust him but Teradil has decided to let him help. When Linguine points out that they will need to let him out so he can help, Teradil points out that Linguine only needs to step out between the bars and he is free.

Leaving the dungeon, Tobey confides in Bren that she doesn’t trust the newly freed skeleton. “How do we know that the door won’t just explode when we touch it?” Bren decides that this time it is better to err on the side of caution. Even though their highly flammable companions are no longer with them, fire and this water mage’s hair just do not mix. Turning to Teradil and Linguine, who are still chatting away, Bren pops Linguine’s skull off. Dagnal and Legitus step back as all of the bones scattered over the floor. After explaining to Linguine that if he is lying they will leave him here as a skull, Bren has Tobey and Rosario scoop the bones into the magic bag while Teradil writes a note to Pik-Ik-Cha asking him to hold onto these for later. Our party would later learn to write the note first so that Pik-Ik-Cha can ready a box for things like this. A new recruit had wandered by and after seeing piles of bones come racing out of a satchel and scatter all over the floor, promptly quit and noped right out of there.

After conferring with the group, Bren was still hesitant on how to determine if the door would be safe to open or not. Remembering a story that Rosario had told her about throwing a dwarf at the door, Tobey offered that up as a suggestion. Dagnal was not impressed and seemed likely to throw Tobey at it instead. Bren seized upon this idea and without warning chucked the skull at the door. A sonic boom rocked the entire room. Half the party was left temporarily deaf. Rosario, Bren, and Dagnal all began to shout, asking what happened and what the hell Bren. After racing to get Linguini’s head out of the cell. Teradil rushes over to Bren and begins to mime “Arcane Blast” Kraus just looks at him. After watching this go on for too long, he grinds out, “You literally have been writing notes to Pik-Ik-Cha all day. Just write it down.” Teradil sheepishly took out a bit of paper and explained his plan to Bren. As their hearing began to come back and Bren explained what he was going to do, most of the party dashed off to the dungeon. They remembered the poor defenseless cathedral from last time. Winding back Bren launched an Arcane Blast right at the ward, shattering it into splinters.

Before leaving the prison, Kraus turned to the adventurers, “Look I don’t know you guys that well and, well, since you are my boyfriend’s friends, whatever we find, I want to share it with you guys.” They poke their heads out, surveying the damage. As Bren seems to be in one piece the party heads for the newly unwarded western door. Legitus leads the way. Opening the door, he is nearly impaled by a sword hanging just above the door. He decides that someone else can spring these traps next time. Just behind him Kraus comes in and claims all the gold. While it seems unfair that Mr. WeCan Share Guys has just taken all the money, the party is more interested in the magical items that they each discover.

On a low table under some old glasses, Teradil finds the Tome of Understanding. Though he may not realize it, the tome is cursed with possessiveness. Though it will help him immensely, he will not want to let it go. Bren finds a pair of amazing boots over by the door. They are the Boots of Winter. Though they will be of little use once the descend the mountains, right now they feel absolutely blissful. Dagnal discovers a pair of Dimensional Shackles that clang like a bell as they knock together. Perhaps these will come in use when they have to confront the Imposter of the Throne. Rosario has found a lovely brooch sitting in front of a mirror. It is the Brooch of Shielding. More than just a pretty thing, this will protect her against magical damage and arcane blasts. Knowing her brother that last one is a pretty good deal. She feels herself growing tired as she pins it on, almost slothful. Racing in, Tobey grabs a cloak and throws it on. Though she dares not use it yet, she has chosen the Cloak of the Bat. Once a day, she will be able to turn into a bat though she will need to feast on humanoid blood. Legitus has found the Ring of Shooting Stars. Though it will continue to change design and style, the ring will allow him to light up the darkness. They have also found the ring Linguine mentioned.

Scanning the room for anything else that might be of use, Legatis and Rosario discover a secret panel that opens to show a deck of cards. It is the Deck of Many Things. Teradil throws his hands up in the air and sulks off to sit next to the wall. “Nope, nope, nope. Don’t you do it.” He mutters to Legitus. It must be something that warriors have been taught about because Tobey also looks a bit sick at the sight of the deck. Without pause or even sympathy for his warrior companions, Legatis draws four cards right off the deck. His entire world is about to change.

The first card is a picture of an ogre. This is the Comets card. He will have to face the next challenge alone if he wants its reward. The second shows a druid, it is the knight. He is suddenly given the knowledge that if he should ever need one there is a fighter that will come to him and be loyal only to him. The third, a red dragon, a powerful card that will allow Legitus to unweave reality. He could reverse the calamity, stop his own death, stop the great darkness that threatens the land. Or he could create a glass that never empties of booze, it’s really a toss-up with this elf. The last card will be a difficult one, the face of it merely shows an iron golem. This flames card gives him the knowledge that a fierce devil has decided to make him suffer and it will be either him or the devil that survives. With all of this new knowledge swirling through his mind, Legitus puts up no fight when Dagnal snatches two cards from the deck.

Dagnal has chosen poorly. She has pulled not only the hill giant, talons, card which has stolen away her pistol and shackles, she has also chosen the Ruin card. With a Priest and two acolytes on it, the card disappears all but the mundane. Truly a ruining move, it takes all of her money as well. With that, the deck disappears.

Teradil and Tobey exchange a glance and agree that things could have gone much, much worse. Now that the team had emptied the Ashlance vault, they decided there was nothing else to do but to try and get out. After searching the storage room and prison for a way out, Rosario and Legitus discover a mechanism which will activate the stairs. “Anyone know how to turn this into an escalator?” Tobey whined as she stomped up the stairs. “A what?” Dagnal asked. Legitus waved her off. “It’s probably a halfling thing.”

At the top of the stairs, Kraus waves everyone but Dagnal over. He thinks that because Dagnal lost everything that they should give her the ring to hold on to. Tobey, knowing the power and destruction Dagnal could have unleashed, refuses. Rosario, not 100 percent sure why backs Tobey up. Kraus doesn’t understand why Tobey is being such a dick about this and when pressed, Tobey snaps, “Look if you care so much, why don’t you give up some of your stuff!” Kraus steps back and looks at Tobey like she had bitten him. He then unhooks a bag of gold and tosses it to Dagnal. “Here, have 200 gold since your friends have nothing for you.”

Looking out the door, the snow has continued to come down. One way or another, they were going to have to head back in this storm. Keeping his word, Teradil asks Pik-Ik-Cha to return the body of Linguini. There is a brief argument about who will be riding with who. Kraus will ride behind Bren, which he agreed to with a slight blush. Linguini, on the other hand, will be riding with Teradil after Tobey refused to have the skeleton ride with her, even though she would have the most room. This halfling can hold a grudge. Teradil requests that Linguini puts on some clothes, though the maid costume that Linguini chose was not what he expected.

Rosario is beyond thrilled to get to ride her direwolf “puppy” Pablo. She calls him right over and begins to prepare for the trip. While packing she remembers that Sawyer owes her a favor. Instead of taking the long way back to Banished, she thinks about the poor Laternshire Village they left behind. She runs inside to Teradil. Passing messages back and forth through Pik-Ik-Cha and Sawyer, they realize that the Laternshires cursed their own village and it would take someone at least as strong as them to break it. The only one they know is Hunzu Shardmind. He will meet them at Laternshire Village. They head out and make it to the gate of the Ashlance Manor. Just outside, Kraus pulls out a brick and flips it around before inserting it. A shimmering mist forms around the Manor protecting it from outside forces.

A week later, the party is growing nearer and nearer to Lanternshire Village. They have made decent time even with the snow. Tobey has been thrilled to show off her skijoring skills and has even got Teradil to put down the books and spar a few times. Though Dagnal seems sad to have lost her pistol, she seems satisfied with the knowledge that she will be able to find something new with her wealth. The storm has continued to rage and it seems like Kraus was not exaggerating when he said storms like this could last for months.

Suddenly the pack stops short. They begin to whimper and slowly fade into the snow. There is a brief lull, like being in the eye of a hurricane. Just ahead figures begin to form out of the blistering snow and ice. Rosario whips out her eyeglass. There, moving towards them and around them, are a horde of orcs. The orcs and their mounts clearly tower over them. As they encircle the adventurers, the largest of the orcs dismounts and makes his way toward the group. Drawing closer he locks eyes with Rosario. It is the Icon known as the Dire-Orc. He walks over and looms over her. “Hello, Daughter.”

Ghost Dragons, Wyverns and Undead.
How do you like your eggs?

Our story picks up as our adventurers prepare to leave town. Bren has finally healed enough to move and while he isn’t feeling completely himself, he is well enough to dash off to save the day. The requisitioners office has finally come through will all the supplies and they prepare to leave. A quick stop at the local Arm & Go remains. Knowing that they will be facing an unknown number of Undead they stock up on cold iron arrows and morning stars. The warriors patiently wait, as they sharpen their magic weapons; which are bound to come in handy. With a quick check of the supplies, the party heads out of town.

Barely outside the town limits, they hear a DING. There is a message from Pik-ik-cha. Kraus is in desperate need of our assistance and urges us to hurry. He reminds them that there are two paths to the Ashlance Manor. Over the mountains or under them. Now using the Underline, the Dwarven Highway, you can get there in a week but over the mountains can take much longer with the additional risk of Frost Giants and one big spider that no one especially Bren wants to run into again. Never ones to leave a guild member in danger (unless it is Crazy Nicodemus) the party decides to vote. Everyone besides Tobey votes in favor of the Underline. “Aw, screw you guys!” Tobey says visibly annoyed that she would not be able to do any skijoring behind her direwolf this trip.

They enter the Dwarven Highway and travel towards the Ashlance Manor. For six days and nights the pass ruin after ruin. These towns and structure abandoned for what seems like hundreds of years. They pass some abandoned highway construction sites that proclaim that this section of the highway would be completed at a date long lost to time. “Nice to see nothing changes,” mutters Tobey stepping around a large pothole. The party decides to rest for what they assume is the night. The air here is clearer and almost sweeter smelling now that they are almost out.

Rosario and Legitus take first watch staring into the darkened tunnels, watching and waiting. Sometime in the night, so faint he almost didn’t believe his elf ears, he hears a bell ring out. He listens again but all is silent. He feels silly passing this information on to the next watch, but Teradil and Dagnal seem to take it in stride. They are startled later by a louder bell, almost gong-like sounds down the tunnel, towards where they had just come from. Just as before silence envelopes them and nothing appears. Bren and Tobey take the last watch and seem confused by the mysterious bell. They don’t remember passing by any bells or anything and they haven’t seen anyone else in days. They listen but don’t really seem to be concerned.

Barely ten minutes into their watch, the entire camp is awoken by a blasting bell! They spring awake glancing around as the sound dies out. Bren spots a white shimmer and warns the others. As it draws closer, Teradil’s sword Wyrmslayer begins to glow. The white shimmer is, in fact, the ghost of the Bone Dragon Quadratus!

Teradil quickly reaches out to Feyrial’s soul. “Uh, Feynrial, buddy…what should we do?” Feynrial in all his wisdom, points out the obvious “I don’t know, like fight or run.” Quadratus does not wait for the adventurers to decide, he bellows “Ah, at last. I have been hunting you for ages.” Tobey, unable to resist, mocks the dragon. “Where have you been? We’ve been hanging out in the mountains for ages.” “Shut up Tobey! Or I’ll eat you and be done with it. A little Tobey Tot Casserole.” Tobey is visibly shaken as she remembers that she’s not as tall as she used to be. Quadratus begins to monologue about a prophecy while Bren and Teradil question him and try to draw out answers. “Enough!” Teradil shouts. He charges and swings Wyrmslayer at Quadratis. He is tired of talking. With any luck destroying the ghost will weaken the trapped dragon and his prison.

The fighting begins in earnest as Legitus quickly fires off a couple of cold iron arrows from his longbow hitting the dragon after Teradil. Angered Quadratus turns, he lashed out at Teradil, dealing damage to him and Legitus. Not wanting to be left out, Toby swings Thunder Axe directly at the dragon before tucking behind Teradil. Rosario follows that up with a fire blast that is quickly combined with shots fired by Dagnal. Bren cracks his knuckles and prepares an arcane blast. He has no wish to be outdone by his half-sister. Sadly he misses and in the distance, a priceless and irreplaceable Dwarven cathedral crumbles under the force of his misplaced arcane blast.

While not bloodied, the great bone dragon Quadratus has grown pissed off. He tires of playing with the adventures and strikes out at Teradil who smashes Wyrmslayer into Quadratus’ face. The dragon’s claws still do their damage but the effects of the party are becoming more visible as parts of the dragon drift off and disperse. An entire chunk of his jaw and face have fallen thanks to Teradil’s efforts. The team tries in again to strike the dragon and each time, parts drift off. Bren has had enough though. Not satisfied with this piece by piece effort he reels back for another arcane blast. A direct hit from this nearly wiped Quadratus out for good. He turns to attack Teradil who was standing closest. Seeing his enemy’s weakness, he lightly tapped Quadratus (he booped the snoot.) As Quadratus faded into the darkness he muttered: “You have not seen the last of me.”

Our party gathers itself together. Teradil pulls out the heavy plate armor he has been lugging around. It is the armor taken from the corpse of the Commander. Rosario examines it and to Teradil’s surprise explains that this armor is actually the Armor of Amethshen, an Elven hero who fought alongside Karis during the Calamity. “It’s a shame about the hole though, you should really get that fixed,” she says pointing out the large hole where the god had pulled out the tieflings heart.

Desperate for fresh air and a new dawn breaking, the party raced towards the exit. Once through the passage, they looked up to see the Ashlance Manor before them. Around it was a strange moving mass. Looking through her eyeglass Rosario confirmed the party’s fear. “Yep, that’s a bunch of Undead.” Feynrial is very little help in this regard as he had always been welcome here and only has used the front door.

The rogues have decided to scout out the position and search for an alternative entry into the house. They split up. Dagnal going east and Legitus heading west. Though he is not able to find anything on his end, besides a shallower point of entry at the back, he turns just in time to see Dagnal wander right into a Wyvern’s nest. As highly territorial creatures the Wyvern is furious! It takes off with Dagnal clasped in her claws.

Circling the Manor, the Wyvern questions Dagnal about why she wandered into the nest. Dagnal blanches as the Wyvern belches up the skull of an Undead. After explaining the party’s plan to simply enter the cursed and warded Manor, the Wyvern is convinced to help. For a price, of course. A life for passage to the Manor. It is agreed. The Wyvern drops Dagnal laughing as the dwarf drops 200 feet before being caught again.

The pact has been made and after using the satchel to message Kraus, the party agrees to deliver a prisoner to the Wyvern. Fireballs burst overhead distracting the Undead as the Wyvern destroys them all. Inside Kraus and his team wait for the destruction to finally stop.

Remembering that Sawyer had asked her to pick up some Wyvern venom, Rosario trades another two lives for a large glass jar of venom. The Wyvern returns to her nest and Rosario uses the bag and a bit of paper to send the venom straight back to Sawyer via the satchel.

It is decided that the party should rest the night at the Manor before returning to Banished. Bren is continuously making eyes at Kraus and as they head towards the Kraus House, the party can barely make out Bren asking Kraus if he likes his eggs scrambled or fertilized.

Arrival In Banished
Suckin' Spider Butts

The party, while traveling from Lanternshire to Banished, come across a bandit ambush. They fight valiantly and eventually eliminate most of the bandits. When they are almost done with the battle, a silhouette appears in the forest. A large spider attacks the party and almost kills them. Bren is poisoned by the spider before it flees after taking a lot of damage.

The party races to get Bren to the city of Banished, where they have a cleric named Sawyer assist. While Bren is healing the rest of the party go to the HQ of the Lute Flute Heroes and talk with a strange four-armed bug like humanoid named Pik-Ik-Cha. He uses various Messenger Bags to pass messages from one guild member to another.

Feynrial tells Teradil to ask for Kraus, one of the founders of the guild. Pik-Ik-Cha sends a message and receives bad news. Kraus and his comrades are stuck in Ashlance Manor, far to the north. The manor is besieged by a horde of undead, and they need assistance.

Before the party can go to rescue Kraus, they go to the quartermaster and are given a dire-wolf mount for each of them to travel across the Timberwolf Mountains as well as supplies for the trip.

What Is The Weight of A Soul?
About 1 Tobi...

Bren, who had just seen his friend die by the heart-seeking bolt, jumps into action. He pulls out the Manticore Heart and stabs it with the Unicorn Horn. He vanishes for a moment, then re-appears falling to the ground.

At least that’s what everyone else sees. In reality, time stops and he is pulled away to a shadowy plane of existence. The realm of the God of Beginnings and Endings, Ecldir.

Ecldir, taking the form of a beautiful woman, with glowing lines of magic running across her skin in elaborate patterns, approaches Bren. She asks him how he got there, and what his wish was. He asks for Tobi to be brought back, to which Ecldir replies with “One soul will cost another”. She tells him to name one person, and he chooses Leoban, the tiefling that has been traveling with the prince.

She reaches into the void and pulls out a still-beating heart and places it on the scale for Tobi’s soul. She accepts the exchange, and sends Bren back to the material plane, making him also forget their meeting.

After Tobi is revived, they escape to the west and use a hidden teleportation pad beneath the Ladaris Bridge. Something goes wrong and they are sent many miles northwest of their intended location of Banished. They wind up miles into the Timberwolf Mountains.

After descending the mountain, and ridding themselves of the demon Barthandelus, they arrive at Lanternshire, where a mysterious curse has befallen the city. Not knowing how to counteract the effects, they decide to return at a later date to assist the town. They head towards Banished, the home of the Lute Flute Heroes.

Tobi's Rebellion
In the heart of heresy...

The party is captured by the Prince and the guards. They are lead to a holding cell along the wall that divides the palace from the rest of the city. After escaping and having a somewhat epic/hilarious battle with some guards, and befriending one named Tomás.

Tomás takes the party to his mom’s house for supper, then they go to leave the city. They meet a lady on the bridge who says that the rebellion could use their help and takes them to the leader Onlau Rugorim, also known as The Swordsman. He tells them that they are beginning to plan out a way to take back the city from the Prince and the evil Tiefling that whispers in his ear.

They are interrupted by a loud boom and realize that they are under attack. The woman from earlier pushes the party and Onlau out of the way in order to save them, trapping her on the wrong side of a portcullis. They flee down the escape tunnel to safety.

Once they leave they are beset by The Commander, a vicious and terrible person who now runs the nation’s armies. He launches a heart-seeking bolt straight into Tobi’s chest, killing him instantly.

The Winter Witch, and that Tiefling Bitch
Is it cold in here?

After a harsh battle with “The Collectors” and Content Not Found: bren-emy, the party continues on their way to meet the witch that lives outside of town.

After a day and a half long journey the party finds the witch, Lorelei, in her oasis. She calls herself Content Not Found: the-winter-witch because she is possessed by a frost demon. She offers up more information on the Collectors symbol and reveals to the party that it is the mark of the Orthidian Empire, a vast empire that rules a large area on the continent west of Embyur.

She also provides the party with the Unicorn Horn they have been seeking, in exchange for one of the party members taking on the demons, and ridding her of the curse.

Originally Rosario asks for the demon, but later it chooses Bren. The frost demon, who is named Barthandelus, is a neutral evil being that possesses magic users. All magic comes with a price, and Bren’s price was his sight. He no longer has normal vision, but instead has blind-sight up to 20 yards.

Lorelei also gifts the party with a few answers. The Collectors have moved west to Ladaris, and also informs the party that the Emperor has been killed

The party heads back to town and prepares to head to Ladaris. After getting supplies and hopping on Ol’ Sandy (the giant desert centipede), they head out and arrive at the northwestern edge of the Redash Badlands. They happen upon a mob trying to hang an Orc and his Halfling slave, and after finding out what the Orc did, they let it be and move on to Ladaris via wagon.

Once the party arrived at the western end of the Ladaris Bridge, they are stopped by a contingency of guards, the Tiefing from Lorelei’s vision, and a middle-aged man that looks similar to Teradil. Once Teradil is revealed to be the lost heir to the throne, the party is placed under arrest.

Ardis & Onward
Things Didn't Go Quite As Planned...

After nearly destroying the city, via explosion and giant fish. The party has moved onward to and is heading towards Sarack, the merchant city.

After arriving in Sarack, and losing two party members to the towns defense turrets, the party moves onward towards seeking answers to the purpose of The Collectors.

They are met by two new friends who also seek The Collectors and agree to help one another. In their efforts to find the collectors they also meet Conrad, a mysterious gunslinger who has agreed to help them while in Sarack.

When heading back to the Inn for the night, the party is ambushed by a group of hooded figures, and one reveals themselves to be a doppelganger of Bren, except this version has artificial implants.

Feynrial's Travels
The Road So Far...

First Session:

“It all began in a dark and dirty prison cell. After the rest of my guildmates were slain in the last battle, they brought in new recruits to bolster my team…

They were across the hall, in the cell opposite of mine when I first saw them. A rag-tag bunch, to say the least. There was a dwarf, who decided to use himself as a battering ram and bust out of the cell. A couple of mages, one who was trained in fire magic, while the other was trained with water and healing magic. Along with them were a human, and a sea-elf.

They proceeded to escape and try to knock out the guard. It was quite the show. After they “defeated” the guard the let the rest of us prisoners out.

In thanks, I promised them safe harbor in Ardis, as well as my assistance in finding out why they were taken and sold to the Arena."

Second Session:

“I am beginning to doubt that these people have what it takes to survive the trip to Ardis. They can’t even seem to hit anything…

After steaking a Sand Slider, we came across some Corvus feasting on a fresh kill. They got too close, and a battle broke out, and the Half-Orc was blood marked by one of the Corvus mages.

After defeating the Corvus, we found a Manticore heart. Perhaps someone in the Arcanists guild could tell us more about it."

Third Session:

“Through means, I am still not quite sure I understand, the elf managed to get us safe passage to Ardis on an Elven vessel.

Part of the way through our trip we were set upon by a fierce storm. We were forced to run ashore about 100 miles west of Ardis.

After exploring the area, and finding a few nice treasures in the wreckage of the ship, we were attacked by a horde of goblins.

We retreated into the water, where we thought we were safe until their leader came out of the forest and began to attack us with his crossbow."

Fourth Session:

“We fought hard, and defeated the goblin leader, and in turn sent the goblin wave back into the forest. Though I do not think this is the last we will see of them.

Harick, and a contingent of 200 soldiers from Ardis happened upon us a while later. They offered to guide us back to Ardis. Though I may disagree with Haricks ways of leading, I know he would keep us safe on the journey.

Once in the city, Teradil and I opened up the old guild hideout and got it ready for use by the party. The others went off to get some info on various things.

It was later that day, after we all met back up outside the Battlement and Blade, that we heard a loud explosion from across the city. It seemed to come from the Martials district.. At that moment I knew that Velac had something to do with it…"


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